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CoreValue is a business consulting system that will help you:

  • Grow your existing practice
  • Branch out to provide additional business consulting services
  • Win new clients, making your practice thrive

CoreValue Software (US Patent 9,607,274) has been used by business consultants on thousands of companies with aggregated gross revenues of ~$200B. CoreValue Software uses the only operational methodology born at MIT, accepted by NACVA, adopted by over 50% of NIST manufacturing centers, and promoted to the American Cities Business Journals readership of 16MM.

Data points: The average GR for companies assessed using CoreValue is $24.32MM. The mean is $10.47MM. The system has been used by advisors with companies from main street to divisions of multinationals.  The sweet spot for these assessments is GR $2.5MM to $100MM.    CoreValue-powered programs have delivered a 21.63% average GR growth annually.  

There are 6 main REASONS you should consider CoreValue…

  1. Uses the BEST Methodology.
  2. Delivers the BEST Results.
  3. Is the EASIEST to Use.
  4. You get the BEST Support.
  5. Delivers the BEST Marketing Tools.
  6. Is the Price Performance LEADER.

BEST Methodology

Think of CoreValue as a 'Consulting Practice in-a-Box'

BEST Results

Identifies the  MOST engagement opportunities --it works!

EASIEST to use

Will not disrupt your existing work

BEST Support

Help with tools, training, marketing we're here for you

Best Marketing Materials, Tools and Process

To help you attract, close and service new clients

Price Performance Leader

Lowest cost in the industry --recover your entire expense working with a single client 

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CoreValue Software is a growth consulting tool used for exit planning and succession planning
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