CoreValue Advisor Conference ~ November 6-7, 2019

Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston MA

Early Registration Discount

Do you want to learn about winning new engagements and driving client company growth? This is a fun, interactive, and big impact event. You'll learn from your colleagues who are delivering engagement results. How are they doing it? Come and hear live.

Learn specifics for delivering advisory services aimed squarely at the top 3 CEO goals: 

  1. Grow the company at any cost (59% of CEOs)

  2. Make the company easier to run (improve work/life balance) (19% of CEOs)

  3. Sell the company now/at a defined future time (17% of CEOs)

How will you help your client reach their goal? Hear it from the experts.

And: you'll participate in a live workshop on marketing your practice and winning new engagements. 

Learning is a hands-on combination of:

  • Presentations

  • Moderated Panel Discussions

  • Group Discussions and Workshops

Of course there's a networking cocktail party (and last year's impromptu dinners are still being talked about).

Early Bird Registration: $449 for both days and the networking party

Register for Conference Here   ~   Link for Discounted Hotel Rooms

CoreValue Advisor Software: (603) 835-3444, conference@corevalueforadvisors.com 

Omni Parker House:  (617) 227-8600

$299.00 per night Group Rate