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#1 Best-Selling Business Consulting System

Management Consultants, CPA Business Advisors, CFP Exit Planners, M&A Pros and Fractional CFOs:

Harness the power of the #1 best-selling business consulting system to win and execute new client engagements.

Create total clarity about what your client needs to get the success they want using CoreValue's business analysis suite.
Turn your analysis into strategic planing and execution engagements.
Increase your firm's size and relevance.
Use the same system that's working for hundreds of firms creating the clarity that's connecting expertise with problems.
Move from offering limited services to being your client's most valuable advisor.

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This complete business consulting system will help you:

  • Grow your existing practice
  • Branch out to provide additional business consulting services
  • Win new clients, making your practice thrive

There are 6 main REASONS you should consider CoreValue:

BEST Methodology

Award-winning technology analyzes your client's company, showing the holes that your services can fix

BEST Results

Identifies the  MOST engagement opportunities --it works!

EASIEST to use

Will not disrupt your existing work

BEST Support

Help with tools, training, marketing we're here for you

Best Marketing Materials, Tools and Process

To help you attract, close and service new clients

Price Performance Leader

Lowest cost in the industry --recover your entire expense working with a single client 

See how you'll create total clarity:

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Here's what your colleagues are saying:

“CoreValue allows even the most marketing-challenged CPA to sell services.” --Bob J. , CPA CM&AA
"Using the CoreValue system has transformed my practice!” --Ed W, CPA MBA CVA
"CoreValue is a valuable tool in creating a dialogue and path forward with our business owners." -- Marie B, CPA
"Dave helped us identify core strengths and weaknesses and helped move us from theory to practical planning." - Client of David O, Senior Consultant and M&A Advisor
CoreValue Software is a growth consulting tool used for exit planning and succession planning

It's easy to show your clients how you can help them:

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