Best Training: CoreValue Advisor Onboarding

All CoreValue "Growth Consultant" Accounts can include a comprehensive user onboarding program designed to bring you up to speed quickly and increase your confidence level using the products 'live' with your clients.  Advisors are trained on all aspects of the software, including how to access and use the marketing kit materials, to ensure you're fully prepared to engage with prospects and clients.

We are committed to every advisor's success and want to ensure a smooth implementation for you, your team and your firm.


What you can  expect:
The onboarding program runs for 60 days, during which time you’ll get help integrating CoreValue into your practice. This includes Individualized training, business development advice, SEO for your website, creating branded collateral –and using Discover with your first prospect or client.

Your Customer Success rep will contact you to schedule your 60-minute Orientation, designed to get you up and running quickly. During this initial call, we will

  • Review the fundamentals of the software
  • Show you how to access helpful tools from the resource menu
  • Discuss your goals and objectives for using CoreValue, and
  • Set your first onboarding meeting.

Together we will look at options for promoting your firm, get CoreValue Discover up on your website and discuss your goals for a successful software implementation.

Orientation is followed by weekly meetings (approx. 30 -45 minutes) to review your progress, answer your questions and provide additional guidance on integrating CoreValue into your workflow. Our goal is to help you win a new client, or new business from an existing client, within the first 45 days!


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Onboarding FAQ'S

Q: Do I have to participate in weekly meetings? 

A: Adopting a new technology or tool can take time, and we recognize that you may have many competing priorities. That’s why we’ve broken down our onboarding into smaller pieces over a longer period to help you get the most out of CoreValue’s products and services.
This onboarding format is the preferred method for learning and implementing CoreValue and the suggested plan to follow to maximize your success. By following the onboarding plan and implementing the tools and techniques presented, you will ensure a shorter learning curve and be better prepared for client engagements. 

Q: Can I ask others from my firm to attend?

A: Of course! Anyone at your firm who will have access to or interaction with CoreValue can and should attend these meetings.  

Q: Why is your onboarding program 60 days? 

A: We are committed to each advisor’s success. Period. That’s why we offer an extended onboarding with full support so that each advisor can become fully immersed in the CoreValue process. Our experience tells us that, by dedicating the first few weeks to learning the software, exploring your marketing options, or implementing campaigns or events, advisors have a much better success rate overall when it comes to acquiring new business. Our customer success team will incorporate your goals and objectives to tailor your onboarding experience to meet your needs. 

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