7 Winning Marketing Emails, plus: Marketing Workshop

Posted by George Sandmann on Sep 28, 2021 12:56:22 PM

Hi there, are you planning your marketing so you can hit the ground running in 2022? You need to start now, right? Our mission is to help you build a thriving practice, so here are 2 great resources...

Blog Image Email CampaignWinning Email Marketing Campaign you can download and use for free. Get client attention and win new engagements.  This is part of the Consulting Client Buyer's Journey we're unveiling  in connection with the upcoming Growth Consulting Summit, definitely join us.

An email sequence is designed to move a prospect along the Buyer's Journey from doing preliminary research to meeting with you. Here are the first two emails in the 7 email sequence - you can download the rest below:

Email 1 - Courtesy Note. Use when you know a prospect has visited your website, attended a webinar, read your blog, or checked out your LinkedIn profile (which is up-to-date and has your contact info, right?). 

When someone is on your website, or answers your email, the best practice is to contact this person immediately. The sooner the better, but if there’s some delay don’t worry - remember, this person is doing research on your website or interacting with your content! In a perfect world, you should call them on the phone, and use this first email as the script for your call/voicemail.

Subject: your research

Hi [name], I see you’re doing some research on our website. Did you find the information you’re looking for? 

Glad to help with questions, my direct dial is 888.555.1212.

Best, --You


Email 2 - Data

You can use the following note as Step 2, or as a Step 1 with folks you're contacting cold. Use a tool like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to help you identify prospects, then use this email.

Subject: CEOs like you - data

[Name], your competitors tell us they are trying to solve one of these three challenges:

      • 62% of them want to grow
      • 21% want operational freedom - they want their business to be easier to run
      • 17% of them are thinking about selling their business

Does this sound like you? How would you rank them 1-2-3? The first step in a journey depends on where you want to go.  Which challenge best describes you? With that answer you can start shaping strategy. Feel free to shoot me a note with your thoughts.  If it makes sense to discuss, you can book a free consultation here [link to your calendar].

Glad to help with questions, --You


You're welcome to download the whole shebang, which also has links to a couple of great HubSpot articles that will help your marketing. Click here


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