Learn how to do something really complicated.

Posted by George Sandmann on Mar 22, 2022 4:38:47 PM

75% of clients want to grow their business - they want to grow profits, and they want to grow transferable equity value. You need to shout "Stand back ladies and gentlemen, I've got this." You're the superhero.

Growing a business is complicated. It starts with deep discovery - about your client's goals, their commitment to the goals, and about the business' ability to move from status quo to immortality. 

wonder woman batman

Sounds like the stuff of superheroes. And you can learn how. It's complicated; it's also fun and incredibly rewarding. It's the first thing you'll learn of becoming a Growth Drive Specialist (available in Charleston this May). 

In this short video George uses the 3 Dimensions of Business Growth to highlight several critical topics:

  • Correctly identifying the BIG goal
  • Helping your client make an educated commitment to investing time and treasure
  • CEO freedom

OK, before you jump into the video, here are 2 things:

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OK, now the main event: 


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