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Posted by George Sandmann on Aug 27, 2022 6:30:00 AM

EOS Implementers have a great reputation, which they deserve. They are the right pros to bring in for getting a grip (pun intended) on the business - especially to get the senior leadership team headed in the same direction. They’re also great at coaching CEOs on holding effective meetings and accountability. But this is your client, right?

And your promise is to help your client grow their business profits and value. Experienced business advisors know that Senior Leadership is just one of the 18 growth and equity value drivers on which they’ll need to focus to move the business from their status quo to their strategic destination. So bringing in an EOS Implementer is a great idea, as one of the resources needed to unlock growth.  While you may need the EOS Implementer as a cog in your advisory engine, you should be their boss. (And as an alternative you could harness the CoreValue Senior Leadership Alignment report, more on this here. )

BTW, EOS Implementers charge a minimum $3,500/day - consider this in the context of your retainer and the broader engagement1.  What a great example of value billing. 

Who is helping your client design strategy? Who is looking at all 18 of the growth and equity value drivers? And who is making the purposeful link between profits and equity value? You are. You are peer to the CEO, supporting them in their fundamental role maximizing shareholder value. And if you're not yet, you might consider learning the why/what/how of acting in this critical role. 

The starting point for every engagement should be gaining thorough understanding of 2 data points: (1) carefully identifying the intersection of your client’s personal and professional objectives (often referred to as their freedom point), and (2) gaining total clarity about what the client needs to do to get the success they want.

Let’s dissect. Identifying the freedom point is simple math, and our friends at Growth-Drive have a tool for that. What we’re really identifying is the equity value of the business at which it will deliver enough cash to fund your client’s family wealth goals. Here’s a graphic that captures the full picture.

Growth-Drive Conversation PyramidGrowth-Drivers use this graphic to power the Growth Conversation, the starting point for successful long-term engagements. This is the best practice starting point, because the Growth Conversation creates emotional commitment to a destination that clients need to stay focused over the long-term.

The next requirement is gaining clarity about what your client needs to get the success they want. This means focusing on the business. Most business owners cannot save enough to fund their freedom point. But you can help them convert their business into a vehicle that will get them there. You will create clarity by leading a deep analysis of the business, identifying the strengths to be leveraged on this journey, while also identifying the operational weaknesses which are bottlenecks to growth and equity value. This deep-dive analysis can be powered by tools like CoreValue Advisor Software, Value Builder, VOP and more. Bottom line, you need a tool that’s easy to use and easy for your client to understand - but that also harnesses sophisticated and powerful AI for linking growth to equity value. What’s important is that you do the analysis so you have a body scan of the business.

You’re probably wondering if you have to buy CoreValue or something similar to get started. Sounds complicated and expensive, right?

It's not. For a little over a grand you could get access to the methodology, tools (including CoreValue), and support you need to add +2 new services to your advisory business. 

If this sounds like a trick, it’s not. Senior Professionals who participate in the Growth-Drive Launch Course (there’s one mid-September, online, super convenient) are getting 3 critical tools:

  1. Free trial use of the entire CoreValue Advisor Software suite - you can run as many business analyses as you’d like for 45 days, no further obligation on your part
  2. The Growth-Drive Playbook which includes scads of resources including the script for the Growth Conversation, Templates, and guidance from giants like Traction, Scaling Up, Million Dollar Consulting and more
  3. Use of the 3 Dimensions of Business Growth methodology for leading clients to predictable profits, growth and equity value

If you want to take your advisory business to the next level and expand your reach and relevance, perhaps you should consider this powerful course. It’s your playbook for building a thriving advisory business by delivering client wins. Interested? Here’s where you can get the details

The partnership between CoreValue and Growth-Drive is the easiest path to expanding your reach and relevance with business owning clients. Consider taking the course, join the online community, and take your advisory business to the next level. It's easy. 

[1] Here's a great article comparing EOS and Scaling Up. Step back and consider what role you want to play - through the Growth-Drive program you begin a journey to being your client CEO's peer and Trusted Advisor.  Link to article.

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