Case Study: Aperture Optics Sciences

Posted by Flemming Tinker - President on Mar 28, 2014 12:00:00 AM


Aperture Optical Sciences is a 2- yr old start-up with 12 employees, based in Durham, CT. Aperture manufactures ultra-precise optics and systems for airborne vision systems and high energy lasers. As a start-up, Aperture was looking for a reliable tool to holistically assess the company and identify areas needing improvement so the company could successfully ride the growing industry and demands of North America, Japan and Europe, and ultimately transfer to new owners. CoreValue® was that tool.

CoreValue® allowed both owners to quickly and confidently assess the structural and operational integrity of Aperture, share a common understanding as to the company’s true status, and develop a plan to move it forward - making it scalable, less prone to errors, more enjoyable, better performing, and ultimately, a valuable transferable company. Making Aperture attractive to capital was also paramount, as seizing opportunities before them would require additional funding.

Today, the owners are currently focusing on the CoreValue Tasks, Red Flags and Value Gap Reports, to improve fundamental areas around marketing, sales, operations, finance, human resources and customer satisfaction. After completing their CoreValue assessment, Aperture instituted a HR manual, new org and work flow charts, and policies and procedures to enable scalability. They have also started thinking longer-term, around succession planning and the transferability of the company.

They know making all these improvements will help enhance Aperture’s standing relative to other key drivers such as company culture, brand and margin advantage. Having used CoreValue®, Aperture’s ownership and staff now firmly understand the of value and have a clear path to achieve success.

Flemming Tinker
Flemming Tinker

"As a small business owner in a rapidly growing company, the need for establishing a strong company foundation with robust systems in place is an ever present imperative. CoreValue® has helped us to prioritize where to put our efforts to most effectively strengthen the company using an unbiased systematic approach."

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