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Posted by George Sandmann on May 13, 2021 4:23:07 PM

How would you like to say "Our clients look to us for help creating predictable profits, growth, and transferable value?" 

Breaking through the noise of running a business and getting the CEO’s attention is hard.  It's important to go to where they hurt- and 83% of CEOs want to grow and make their business easier to run (data from over 40,000 companies analyzed using CoreValue).

By selling to these problems, you can introduce concepts like growth drivers, transferable value, timing to market, and running a best-in-class operation that will not only grow but sell at a premium when the CEO is ready.

Our customers get help with critical pieces of the biz dev puzzle. Here's an email template you can use as fuel in your business development program. The links are to a free demo of the Discover initial analysis that pros are using  to successfully start the business consulting conversation. This confidential 10 minute assessment generates unique insights, positioning your expertise as the cure for bottlenecks to growth and transferable value. It works -that's why CoreValue's renewal rate is so strong. Go ahead, click the links and try CoreValue Discover - it’s free, so what do you have to lose? Feel free to use this email in whole or in part, it's also in the knowledgebase under marketing.

Subject: your bottlenecks to growing


[Name]: If you’re like most business owners, although your business is a good one you have several ongoing challenges. Does this sound familiar?

  • Cash is always tight
  • I can’t figure out how to grow like those companies I’m always reading about
  • There must be an easier way to run my company so I can free up and enjoy life
  • Even though my business is my largest asset, I’ve never actually analyzed what I’d get if I sold it

Our customers look to us to solve these specific problems. It’s not magic - Private Equity does this every day. How can you solve these problems yourself? You’ll need total clarity about what you need to get the success you want.

Consultants make pie-in-the-sky offers every day. We’re different, and here’s why: we promise results, so we only work with companies where we know we can succeed. How do we decide if your company is one we’re willing to work with?

The conversation starts when you fill out a private 10 minute Artificial Intelligence analysis using a methodology born at MIT.

You’ll get an immediate online report, showing you:

  • Your company’s top three bottlenecks to growth
  • The transferable value of your business (what someone will actually pay for it)
  • The ROI you can expect from working with us

If getting clarity about your business makes sense, start here - your analysis is secure and confidential; what you do with the complimentary report is up to you. Only you can decide if you want to change. If it makes sense, we’re here for you if you'd like a free consultation.

 Yes, I want to analyze my business and see if I can generate more cash, make it easier to run, and convert the business into personal wealth. 

We're  glad to help with questions. Best, Your Name

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