How do you capture lightning in a bottle? aka, How do you win new client engagements?

Posted by Admin on Nov 6, 2018 3:27:17 PM

Like Ben Franklin, we set out to catch lightning in a bottle. Like Ben, we succeeded --and you won.

The first step in catching lightning was to capture and share the wealth of best practices from CoreValue customers. How is our community using CoreValue to find, win and service new client engagements? How are you using CoreValue to make your practices thrive?

The “lightning jar” was the CoreValue Advisor Conference, held last week. We caught lightning alright. Participants learned, we learned, and everyone had a great time both professionally and socially. Judging from the calls and emails coming in, participants are still on a high. 

Now, once you have that power bottled up, how do you share it for the common good?

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Unlike many professional conferences, the group wasn't homogeneous. This was not a “talk amongst yourselves” event.  In the room were over 30 CPAs, Business Coaches, Management Consultants, M&A pros, Financial Advisors, and Exit Planners. This confluence of cultures is incredibly powerful. No single advisor can drag a client's company to the next level. But collaborating together, pros can lift the client up, driving up operational processes, company revenues, and eventually enterprise value. 

Each pro in the room came because they wanted to learn how to better help their clients, and in the process make their practice thrive. Who better to learn from than their colleagues.

Do you want a summary of what the group learned? You learned:

  • How to craft your own professional value proposition, and how do you approach a client so they hear why they should have a conversation with you?
  • Who are the pros motivated to introduce you to their clients?
  • John Leonetti, a leader in growing business value and exit planning, shared how Pinnacle Equity Solution's training generates engagements to help private business owners build strong, valuable companies.  John and George are connecting their communities (you) to benefit private business owners --by delivering unique, powerful, collaborative services. 
  • Three top pros discussed the structure of their engagements, what they charge --and when.
  • Participants learned how to get invited into existing engagements --for example, a Financial Advisor invited a Business Consultant to collaborate in an engagement and help the client grow his business, using the CoreValue methodology.
  • A veteran investment banker shared his process of preparing companies for sale, using CoreValue to prep for due diligence and get the maximum price for clients.

Many of these presentations will be offered as webinars and interviews in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for announcements.

It would be pretty great if you had tools, training and incredible support to win new engagements, wouldn’t it?

You bet it would. That’s why our customers love CoreValue. Now is the time to get ready for 2019. What are you waiting for? Just click and get started, we promise you'll win new engagements.

All who invested their time and treasure being part the conference: "Thank you." We can't wait to do this again.


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