New Video: Case Study using CoreValue 'Discover'

Posted by George Sandmann on Aug 20, 2020 3:26:26 PM

Here's a fly-on-the-wall listen to an in-depth conversation about successfully starting the business consulting conversation using CoreValue Discover, the 10 minute initial assessment of company strength and value.

Barry Goodman CPA CEPA is Principal at Birkdale Transition LLC, and works almost exclusively with middle market CEOs. 

Barry was referred into a client looking for help increasing operational efficiency (code3 Dimensions of Growth for "make the company easier to run"). Let's put this in context of the 3 Dimensions of Growth. An operationally efficient company is a key result of delivering the First Dimension of Growth by creating Predictable Profits and Cash Flow.

Having a company with predictable cash flow sure settles a lot of agita. What CEO wouldn't want to be highly confident when predicting profitability? Importantly, based on the CoreValue Discover Report Barry is able to start the business consulting conversation by focusing on the top 3 bottlenecks identified by CoreValue: Operations, Recurring Revenues, and Financial Reporting Process.  If he can help by strengthening operations, generating recurring revenues, and improving financial reporting (including implementing operating reports), Barry will have hit a home run.

Driving Predictable Profits and Cash Flow is a matter of running a deep-dive analysis of your client (approx. 2 hour meeting using CoreValue); the software identifies the 'what' and 'where' of strengthening key operational drivers. 

Here's a taste of what Barry knows after using the 10 minute initial analysis as the script for his discovery conversation.

CoreValue Discover Report (partial)
Strong Distributors CoreValue Discover

Here's the conversation between Barry and George.

What you'll learn:

  • Minutes 1-6: intro and intake form
  • Minutes 7-17: CoreValue's 18 growth and equity value drivers, which are best practices across the totality of a client's operations
  • Minutes 17+: reviewing the Discover Report, and using the Discover analysis talking points to win a new engagement


Case Study Video 1 CoreValue Discover


Stay tuned, Barry and George are working through the Deep-Dive Analysis and CoreValue client reports in the next episodes; we'll post the videos soon.

Topics: "Build a Thriving Business Consulting Practice", Growth Advisor

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