Unpacking the Growth Drive Course - Your Growth Consulting Playbook

Posted by George Sandmann on Jun 2, 2021 12:51:06 PM

Attention: Senior Professionals looking for a consulting playbook for creating predictable profits, growth, and transferable equity value. Especially Business Consultants, Advisors, Exit Planners, Value Growth Advisors, and Fractional CXOs.

The Growth Drive course launches June 15. Lots of excitement about the course - it’s almost fully subscribed (limit 20). Want to know if the course is relevant to you, and how it connects to the CoreValue Software?

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Let’s unpack the course - bottom line: you’ll learn techniques and deliverables you can use with clients immediately, whether your a CoreValue customer or not.

The course is designed for busy pros so that you can attend the classes and still have a productive work day. If you miss a class no worries, it’s all recorded and available to you through the Growth Drive Academy online. 

The course is a journey:

  1. beginning with your first client discovery conversations, 
  2. moving to a collaborative and detailed analysis of their entire operation, 
  3. from which you extract information you’ll use re-designing the business so it can reach your client’s goals, 
  4. and then leading the client through implementing the business process redesign

After taking this intro course you’ll understand the Growth Drive methodology and analyzing, designing and executing growth consulting projects.

3 DoG Blue Circles

The course is built around Growth Drive’s 3 Dimensions of Business Growth (1) Predictable Profits and Cash Flow, (2) Predictable Profitable Growth, and (3) Predictable Transferable Equity Value. 

Unpacking the Course


10:00a: Welcome and introduction to the course - moving swiftly into leading the conversation in which your client self-identifies with a strategic goal

11:00a: You’ll then participate in a thorough review of the Growth Drive Methodology and the 3 Dimensions of Business Growth - 12:00-3:00 Break

3:00p: Crafting and implementing design begins with analyzing where the client is today; this analysis is the baseline for designing a growth strategy; you'll have comp access to CoreValue Software so we can efficiently discuss growth and equity value drivers using a common framework

4:00p: Using the results of the analysis, and making sense of the data - this creates a series of actions you can recommend, (spoiler alert) fueling your Growth Drive Project Plan


10:00a: Detailed discussion of the growth driver objectives and key results drivers which fuel Growth Drive Dimension 1: Predictable Profits and Cash Flow

11:00a: Detailed discussion of the growth driver objectives and key results drivers which fuel Growth Drive Dimension 2: Predictable Profitable Growth -12:00-3:00 Break

3:00p: Detailed discussion of the growth driver objectives and key results drivers which fuel Growth Drive Dimension 3: Predictable Transferable Equity Value

4:00p: How to take action, creating a Growth Drive Project Plan - by the end of this class you’ll have a solid working knowledge of how to create this client deliverable, guiding your long-term growth engagements.


10:00a: Executing your projects in long-term engagements starts with understanding the Key Performance Indicators of success, and measuring success by focusing on the KPI’s for high priority growth drivers

11:00a: Setting sequential projects which are executed in succession, launching growth and increasing transferable value - building the Growth Drive Project Gantt Chart, defining success and tracking wins - 12:00-3:00 Break

3:00p: Executing a Meeting Rhythm: 90 day sprints and meeting agendas - how to effectively guide your clients

4:00p: Businesses are people executing business process, in this ultimate class you’ll understand roles, responsibilities and accountability, putting “who” before “what” to optimize success

What else?

  • You’ll complete a brief 5-8 question quiz with each hour of class, which allows us to confirm that we’ve done our job successfully delivering the content.
  • After each day at 5:00p there’s an open Q&A sessions hosted by Growth Drive Founder George Sandmann, your opportunity to flesh out your understanding
  • On Thursday George will also recap the course and unveil next steps, including the Level 2 ‘Growth Drive Specialist’ facilitated workshop being held live this November - your path to taking your consulting skills to the next level

There are a handful of seats left in the course, so if you're interested please act now. Here’s your link to the course.

Ready to register? Here's your link to your secure Growth Drive LLC payment portal. After you register, Growth Drive will send your welcome email and course links. Current CoreValue customers be sure to apply code CORE at checkout and save.

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