A top CFP Exit Planner discusses the '3 Dimensions of Business Growth'

Posted by George Sandmann on Sep 2, 2020 4:22:48 PM

Driving growth of your advisory and consulting practice video: George and leading advisor Homer Smith CFP CBEC discuss prioritizing engagements using the 3 Dimensions of Growth; plus a related and terrific Advisor blog being used to drive inbound client leads.

3 Dimensions of Growth with Aspirational ValueHomer Smith CFP, CRPC, BFA, CBEC is a thought-leading Advisor out in Seattle. In this video, Homer and CoreValue's George Sandmann have an informal conversation about using the '3 Dimensions of Business GrowthTM' in client engagements (click image to magnify; back to close).


Homer's company Konvergent Wealth Partners is a forward-thinking RIA focusing heavily on business-owning clients.  Homer is an active member of the IGEPA, to whom we refer pros for growth and exit planning education. 

Homer is passionate about working with his company's network of CPA firms to help clients reach their long-term wealth goals. Homer is using CoreValue to successfully start the conversation about strength and value in his client's largest asset - their privately owned business. For most of these clients, this asset will provide significant post-career/family wealth. Homer is an expert at showing clients the risks to the asset's equity value, and is using his planning skills to guide clients toward success.

When George unveiled the '3 Dimensions of Business Growth' methodology, the market's reaction was bananas. After reading the first article in the series, Homer called George to discuss.  The attached video is an out-take of these conversations. Here's an example of prioritizing growth and equity value drivers in line with the 3 Dimensions:

3 Dimensions of Growth Engagement Timeline

The first column creates a company that is easier to run, is a launchpad for growth, and can command a value at the top end of the range of multiples. Best Practices in 'Senior Management', 'Human Resources' etc. are embedded in the CoreValue system.

Konvergent Wealth Partners Blog Post, inspired by the 3 Dimensions of Growth

Check it out: we recommend blogging as a great way to create inbound leads. 3 Dimensions of Growth KonvergentHomer has written a terrific article inspired by the 3 Dimension methodology: How to Build a Predictable Future for your Business.  This is a great example of using a blog to get the CEO's attention, driving inbound leads. Homer is all about helping his clients create options for their future, and his expertise shows.


Image (c)2020  Homer Smith and Konvergent Wealth Partners 

Here's the conversation between George and Homer, please let us know if you'd like to learn more.

What you'll learn:

  • Minutes 1-6: intro, and creating Predictable Profits & Cash Flow 
  • Minutes 7-17: working with clients to drive Predictable Growth, and create Predictable Equity Value
  • Minutes 17-20: discussion about using the 3 Dimensions of Growth in long-term engagements
3 Dimensions of Growth with Homer Smith

We know we've jumped the gun by posting this video before publishing the Third Dimension article, but no worries: that article is on tap for next week, so stay tuned.

Glad to help with questions, email george@corevalueforadvisors.com or fill out the form at right. Looking forward to our conversation. 


Topics: "Build a Thriving Business Consulting Practice", Growth Advisor

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