Video: Writing Compelling Proposals using Client's CoreValue Data

Posted by Admin on Mar 15, 2019 2:37:54 PM

 Does this sound familiar? You have a great discovery conversation, the client asks for a follow-on meeting, you send over the engagement letter... and crickets. What happened? The discovery conversation was GREAT, and the client asked for the meeting. You did the right thing to follow up... but too early: you shot over an engagement letter before the client had mentally committed to spending money.

Of course the meeting wasn't going to be free, the client is smart enough to know that. But the client hadn't thought that through. As author Allan Weiss so rightly points out, money is a question of priority. When the client understands the value they'll receive, they make your fee a priority. Deliver the proposal at the right time, with a well-understood value, and you'll get acceptance almost every time.

How can the data you generate using CoreValue make your proposal a lead-pipe cinch? By arming you with information on the the value you're delivering.  Deliver your engagement letter detailing this value at the right point in the process, and your life will be more better.

Screenshot 2019-03-15 at 14.36.23Here's an executive summary of the webinar Writing Compelling Proposals Using CoreValue. You'll learn where in the sales process to use Discover, the initial assessment of company strength and value that's been so effective at starting the business consulting conversation. You'll also learn about using the Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis for generating data you need when proposing strategic planning and growth engagements. 

Link to the Video, presented by CEO George Sandmann. Length: approx 19 minutes. Grab a coffee, it's a quick watch. 

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