Build a Thriving Business Consulting Practicesm

This powerful case-based course focuses on using CoreValue to find, win and service client engagements that Drive Growthsm

Webinar Series, 10 Hours of CPE

Building on the Onboarding course, you'll learn

  • Why CEOs hire business advisors
  • Using CoreValue reports to write compelling engagement proposals
  • The power of working as a peer with the CEO uncovering bottlenecks to growth and helping to make the company both easier to run and more valuable
  • Using the CoreValue ‘Unlock’ Executable Growth Plan to drive growth during long-term engagements
  • Includes 2 hours dedicated to unpacking the CoreValue marketing kit: sales techniques, positioning your firm to win engagements, setting up a marketing program. Learn the presenting skills necessary to generate leads and sales

10 hours (5 sessions of 2 hours)-  $720 

Free with CoreValue 'Growth Advisor' and CoreValue 'Practice Group' packages

Presented by CoreValue Advisor Software, hosted by NACVA and the Consultants' Training Institute. 

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  • March 25-29, 2019
  • July 8-12, 2019
  • August 19-23, 2019

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Includes these classes:

Why CEOs hire Advisors

Why companies exist, data on CEO engagement goals, client titles vs. accountability, the three roles of Business Advisors and Consultants, and Being a Peer to the CEO.


The CoreValue Patented Methodology

The CoreValue Patented Methodology: born at MIT, the 18 CoreValue Drivers are Operational Best Practices for Middle Market Companies.  Learn why operational analysis matters to clients.


Start the Conversation: CoreValue 'Discover' Initial Assessment of Company Strength and Value

How to use CoreValue 'Discover' as the script to start the business consulting conversation. 


Group Exercise: Converting Discover into and Engagement

Live group exercise using Discover to start the business consulting conversation. Using materials and techniques from the CoreValue Sales & Marketing Kit, you'll practice using the insights and talking points from your initial client assessment to win a paid engagement. Fun and engaging. 


Paid Engagement: the Client's 'Unlock' Deep-Dive Analysis

Researching your client and their market; who should be in the room for the Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis meeting; how to run the 2 hour meeting, and what to do next. You'll learn from seasoned Business Advisor faculty how to prep for and run this client meeting.


The Unlock Operational Strength and Value Report

This report is a key deliverable. The class is  a how-to on CoreValue's 2 report generators and about connecting business process analysis to growth, stronger operations, and equity value. These reports are used in many client engagements including strategic planning.


Writing Data-Driven Engagement Proposals

How to write effective proposals targeted at the CEO's goal using analysis from the CoreValue 'Unlock' Operational Strength and Value Report.


Strategic Planning using the CoreValue Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis

The CoreValue 'Unlock' Operational Strength and Value Report provides key elements of a strategic plan. Learn about prioritizing engagements to meet the company's goals, and techniques to audit or create your client's Strategic Plan.



The Business Model --Heart of the Strategic Plan

A critical element of the Strategic Plan is the Business Model. Helping your client to audit and strengthen their business model is at the heart of unlocking growth. Learn about using the Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis to deliver this critical service.


Delivering Results: Growth

Using the CoreValue 'Unlock' Executable Growth Plan for project management. Prioritizing consulting projects within an engagement. Collaborating with the management team and outside advisors to help the client reach their goal. 


Proving the Value You Are Delivering: Keeping Score

 Learn about delivering timely, meaningful updates using the CoreValue Report Writer. Keep score: track connection between increased operational strength (rating) and revenue growth.  Show your client the increase in enterprise value they are getting by working with you. Quantified ROI from advisory services.