Coming Up: Growth & Exit Planning Conference

May 14-16, Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL

Join leading professionals for this Master Class on Growth and Equity Value Consulting. You'll be part of moderated discussions and workshops building your skills winning and executing consulting engagements.

Participants include CPAs, Management Consultants, Personal Advisors, and M&A professionals, discussing technology and techniques for helping CEOs with strategic planning engagements. Do you want to learn about Growing Revenues, Maximizing Equity Value, and preparing your client for M&A? Join us! 

At the conference you'll

  • Learn from unpacking the new Growth Planning Curriculum from the Growth and Exit Planning Association, and
  • Learn first-hand about new Growth Planning Engagement-winning tools and techniques

The conference is being hosted in collaboration with the International Growth and Exit Planning Association.

May 14: join us at 6 p.m. for a Welcome Cocktail Reception (optional)
May 15-16: Conference Master Classes
May 17: (optional) Review and Planning Round-table
Early Bird Registration: limited availability, register while space available
$599 --going up to $799. Registration is through the Growth and Exit Planning Association
CoreValue customers use promo code 'corevalue' at check out to save $100.

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What are people saying about the #drivegrowth conference, held Nov 6-7 2019?

George: Thank you for pulling together a great conference last week.  The speakers were excellent and provided deep insight on how to use the CV tool to create a thriving practice.  Additionally, since CV has become a centerpiece in our consulting toolkit the conference provided us a great collaborative forum to share best practices with a number of practitioners.  Well worth the time, effort and cost to attend – we look forward to the next one. Jeff G, Key Private Bank 

George and Sue - thank you for creating a community, not just a conference - great learning! I look forward to being a part of the CoreValue evolution from a business software tool to a growth and equity value consulting system. --Larry P, Prince Leadership

AGENDA from November 6-7, 2019

Day 1: you'll learn about planning and executing successful strategic growth engagements. Sessions are led by experienced business advisors. 

Day 2: half-day workshop about marketing professional services and winning new engagements. Presenting the workshop is Christine Hollinden of Hollinden Marketers + Strategists --a seasoned expert advising firms like yours. 

DAY 1          Nov 6 2019

  session speakers, content and timing may be fine tuned.
Opening Comments
George Sandmann, President & CEO
Susan Lewis, VP Customer Success
  Depth: CoreValue is building a technology-powered consulting system with the NACVA, CTI and Pinnacle Equity Solutions. Advisors use the system serving clients throughout their business life cycle: startup, growth, value maximization, and successful M&A. You'll learn about powering valuable analysis, planning and execution engagements, plus the Technology and Training Road Map for 2020.
Introducing the Growth Quadrant: Cornerstone of Growth Engagements
George Sandmann
  New analysis tool helping you identify long-term client goals, the challenges to success, and confirming their commitment to growing revenues and equity value.
Unveil: the new Growth Planning Curriculum
George Sandmann
  Created through collaboration between CoreValue, Pinnacle Equity Solutions, and the NACVA, you'll learn about exciting new training designed for CPAs, Management Consultants, Exit Planners, and Valuators. This new 5 day course is built around the CoreValue methodology. Participants will get in-depth training to help clients with their #1 goal: growth. Learn how to analyse client companies and convert your analysis into a valuable strategic growth plan.
Facilitating Strategic/Growth Planning using CoreValue
Larry Prince, CEO of Management Consulting Firm Prince Leadership
  Successful engagements start with a plan. Larry is presenting critical success factors when facilitating strategic plan creation --including a baseline analysis: is the plan implementable?
Unpacking the Growth Quadrant
Sue Lewis, VP Customer Success
  Sue will discuss using CoreValue in Growth Planning Engagements
Lunch, onsite provided by CoreValue
  Please join us for lunch, a great opportunity to network with other pros.
Lessons from a Decade of Value Growth Engagements
John Leonetti, Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Equity Solutions and the International Exit Planning Association
Author, Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth
  In this powerful session, John shares lessons and techniques from a decade of successful Value Growth engagements. 
How does the Client's Business Life Stage Impact Planning?
Marie Benedetto, Business Strategist and CPA 
  Businesses have a life cycle --start-up, growth, scale, mature, and M&A. Marie will discuss how a client's life stage impacts planning, and how advisors can help their clients make the leap from one stage to the next.
  Coffee and a chance to check up on the rest of your world.
The Growth Quad Far Right: Exit Planning is Strategig Planning
Anna Halaburda, CPA CFP CBEC, and Jack Cox, Business Broker CPA MBA 
Moderated by George Sandmann
  Anna and Jack will discuss exit planning considerations when growing into a chosen, valuable exit. Anna and Jack are very active in both the CoreValue Advisor and  International Exit Planning Association communities. 
Key Value Drivers for M&A
Michael Poole, President PCE Companies. Investment Banker, M&A, Exit Strategy, ESOPS
  Key value drivers: if these aren't ticked to green you won't get your number. Michael will also discuss common deal mistakes, and how to avoid them.
Recap of the Day, prep for Day 2
Open discussion
  Q&A, open discussion, preview of Day 2
Networking Cocktail Event
On site, sponsored by PCE Investment Bankers
  Join your colleagues for a drink and kibitz about life, business, and who knows --add like minded pros to your professional network.
Dinner, on own
DAY 2           Nov 7 2019
Intro to the Professional Services Marketing Workshop
George Sandmann
Integrating the CoreValue technology into your marketing generates leads and successfully starts the business consulting conversation. Let's talk about how. You want to get the CEO's attention, and have a pipeline of potential opportunities. But when you're working with a client company, your pipeline dries up --it's stressful and inefficient. This 3 hour professionally lead workshop explains how to keep fresh opportunities T'ed up, helping your practice thrive.
A Pro's Approach to Marketing Professional Services
Christine Hollinden, Hollinden Marketers + Strategists
  Hollinden M+S helps advisors like you win engagements. In this session you will get tips and techniques you can apply immediately to grow your practice. Learn about using CoreValue Discover --the initial assessment of company strength and value-- to generate leads through your web site, email marketing, and more.
Changing Strangers to Prospects: Learn the Buyer's Journey
Christine Hollinden
  Prospects today have access to infinite information. The Buyer's Journey describes the decision process from stranger to client.  Christine will discuss how you can understand where a prospect is in their journey, and what types of contact and collateral will move them forward into new engagements.
Winning Engagements: Successfully Converting Prospects into Clients
Christine Hollinden
  Closing the deal: specific techniques for Professional Services providers. 
Discover Workshop Marketing Events
Marie Benedeto, Business Strategist and CPA
  Marie shares her proven formula for using CoreValue Discover with groups of CEOs, and converting workshop participants into clients.
Closing Comments, Group Discussion of Lessons Learned 
George Sandmann and Sue Lewis

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