Following are the most frequently asked questions about CoreValue

CoreValue Software FAQ business consultants and strategic planning
+ How did you determine the company value--and is it accurate?
  • Operational value is calculated by comparing your client's company to thousands of closed company sales. Our operational value calculations have been back-checked by hundreds of independent professionals.  Download the white paper to see the methodologies, understand the customer value, and how you can leverage this as a consultant.
+ What if we can't provide all the services they need?
  • Fortunately, CoreValue allows you to provide a complete assessment—so you can identify all the weaknesses, but it highlights the specific areas where your services can help. It also puts you in the position as the primary consultant—and you can provide (refer or sub-contract) other trusted specialists to address any areas where your client needs help (providing an infinitely scalable model—with you in the middle). This is a model used by some of the top consulting firms in the world (macro or micro).
+ How do I get the bandwidth to create a new practice area?
  • The easiest customer to close is the one you already have—it's good account management to sell additional services to existing clients. The CoreValue free assessment process is a fast, easy way for you to uncover new service opportunities with your existing clients at a minimum cost in time and dollars. And the executable growth plan is a rodmap for delivering services... Everyone wins!
+ How do I sell this?
  • No problem. CoreValue is not software—it is a complete “system” (a Consultant-In-A-Box), like a franchise consulting model (without the heavy fees). You get the assessment system, but also scripts, email and web messaging, marketing content, and a documented step-by-step process—everything you need to either start and/or grow and scale a consulting practice. You can sell this.
+ How do I buy CoreValue?

Choose your package:

  • CoreValue Analyst for $299/month (billed annually) includes unlimited use of the Free Discover Report and Unlock: Deep-Dive Analysis. You then pay $795 each time you use the Unlock Executable Growth Plan with a client. Includes complementary orientation session with a customer success specialist.
  • CoreValue Growth Consultant package for $399/month (billed annually) where for one low price you get:
    • Unlimited use of the Discover Report –your lead machine to grow your practice
    • Unlimited use of the Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis and Executable Growth Plan –your detailed road map and scoreboard for multi-year engagements
    • Managed advisor onboarding and training program.
    • Access to CoreValue and NACVA “Build Your Practice” training. You get the technology, marketing, and client engagement training you need to build a thriving consulting practice.
  • CoreValue Consulting Practice Group package. Designed for 5 or more consulting professionals in a single firm.
    • Includes unlimited access to CoreValue Discover, Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis & Executable Growth plan for five (5) advisors.
    • Add additional growth consultants at $299/month as your firm grows.
    • Enrollment in our Advisor Onboarding program.
    • 1:1 Coaching for your team and implementation support.

      You can easily launch your account online at www.corevalueforadvisors.com--all you need is a credit card. Or call the CoreValue expert staff at (603) 835-3444 option 2.
+ What happens after I buy?
  • You will be provided with a CoreValue account where you can login and access a convenient dashboard. From your dashboard, you can review training videos, download marketing collateral, generate leads using the Free Discover Report, and initiate multi-year engagements using the Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis and Executable Growth Plan.
  • You'll be contacted by  Customer Success Representative will call to schedule your “Build Your Practice” training and first onboarding call.
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