Our customers are Advisors and Consultants who are driving growth in their client companies.  Here is what the data shows.

Average company profile:

  • Gross Revenue: $10.47MM
  • Equity Value at Risk (Value Gap): 27%, $2.8MM
  • Annual GR Growth after Implementing Executable Growth Plan: 21.63%
  • Top CEO Goals, per CoreValue Discover data
    • 62% want help with Growth
    • 21% want to Strengthen Operations (make company easier to run)
    • 17% want to Prepare to Sell. Of these, 83% convert to Growth once risks to equity value are discovered

In plain terms, the data tells us that your average client wants to grow, but doesn’t know how to do so predictably.

With the CoreValue analysis you create total clarity about what your client needs to get the success they want.

You'll Use CoreValue Data to Build or Scale Your Practice. Imagine educating your clients about the bottlenecks that are preventing them from reaching their goals. 

  • 61% of companies have moderate to severe Financial Systems problems 
  • Top 5 Bottlenecks to Growth and Transferable Shareholder Value:
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Dominant Market Share
    • Recurring Revenue
    • Operations
    • Product Differentiation 
  • Top 3 Red Flag Existential Threats to Growth and Transferable Shareholder Value:
    • Human Resources
    • Senior Management
    • Company Overview

80.1% of CoreValue Advisor Software's customers renew. 

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You can help with Strategic Planning and Plan Execution. The typical company is unaware they cannot convert 27% of their equity value to cash in a transaction. The Value Gap is the CEO’s ROI for engaging Business Advisors.  The data tells us the earlier clients implement an Equity Plan the better. You can help with analysis, reports, planning and tactical execution. CEOs are not accessing the capital and expertise needed for revenue and value growth; you can help by connecting your client’s company to a growth engine.

  • CoreValue's methodology was born at MIT and has been used by business consultants on companies with aggregate gross revenues of >$420 Billlion.

  • CoreValue has been used to recapture over $14 Billion of client company value.  

  • The average client company GR is $24.32MM . The mean is $10.47MM (bell curve middle 80%). The median is $5.45MM.

  • The system has been used by advisors with companies from main street to divisions of multinationals.  The sweet spot of companies is GR $2.5MM to $70MM.   

  • CoreValue-powered programs have delivered a 21.63% average growth annually (GR).  

  • 22% of companies in engagements using CoreValue Unlock have a Strategic Planning Red Flag - they have no strategic plan. 

The average company has a 27% Value Gap, and a CoreValue Business Rating of 57 (of 100). Only 4% of companies have a CoreValue Business Rating over 80 --96% have bottlenecks to growth. Business Advisors are a critical resource for these companies. 

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