CoreValue Business Scan

Business Scan is your lead gen machine for converting marketing leads into prospects

We all have contacts with whom we have a connection, but who are either no longer clients, or who didn't become clients for one reason or another. These leads are precious, and CoreValue Business Scan is designed to convert these leads into prospects. 

CoreValue Business Scan is a sub-2 minute high level analysis that generates an immediate report on your the strength and range of values for your prospect's business.

It includes a Call To Action (CTA) with your direct email address.

You can see each person who has completed Business Scan in your CoreValue Advisor Dashboard.

How do I use Business Scan with a lead?

1. Simply email Business Scan to them; it is branded with your logo.

Business Scan Invitation from Advisor Dashboard

Business Scan Invitation

2. Your potential client then completes the 2 minute Business Scan analysis - there are only 7 questions

Business Scan 1 Intake Screen


Business Scan 2 Sample Question

3. Your client sees an immediate report showing two values:

  1. Potential Business Value, or the range of value they could expect as a best-in-class business 
  2. Current Business Value Estimate, or the range of value they could expect after completing due diligence -this is their enterprise value today

Business Scan 3 Sample Report

4. There is a 'Next Steps' call-to-action with your contact information

Business Scan 4 Next Steps

5. You can see the new prospect in your CoreValue Advisor Dashboard; when you're ready to close the opportunity then you can open CoreValue Discover, heart of the proven process for winning a new engagement

Business Scan 5 Move Forward to Discover


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