New Additions and Updates!

The knowledgebase is routinely updated, here is a list of new resources


New: In this short video George explains the strategic relationship between CoreValue and Growth Drive

New: Win New Engagements with this Email Sequence and 7 Email Templates

New: Growth Driver OKR Pyramid Graphic

New: Marketing Masterclass by Christine Hollinden, Video and Handouts

New: Annotated Template: Strategic Consulting Project to Create Predictable Profits and Cash Flow

New: Calculation of Value - How is it calculates; accuracy within 5-10%

New: NAICS Code used in Calculation of Value

New: Control Who Sees the Discover Report

New: Client-facing Marketing Article about the 3 Dimensions of Business Growth

New: The CoreValue Rating as a Confidence Index

New: Red Flags

New: Investment Rating

Updated: Standard Reports from the Deep-Dive Analysis

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