Features & Benefits


Features & Benefits helping you and your clients with strategic planning.

CoreValue Software's technology is the backbone of the #1 best-selling business consulting system.  Here's why. 

CoreValue Software helps business consultants with strategic planning
  • CoreValue's proprietary algorithms use business sales data to calculate value
  • No additional investment in database subscriptions required
  • Tested and vetted - Enterprise Values within 10-15% of a traditional financial valuation
  • You can have confidence in our results
18 Value Drivers
  • Researched & Developed at MIT
  • Vetted private business standards
  • Provides nearly 4x the actionable granularity of other systems
  • You uncover more service opportunities in less time
CoreValue Rating
  • Researched & Developed at MIT
  • Vetted private business standards
  • Provides nearly 4x the actionable granularity of other systems
  • You uncover more service opportunities in less time
Red Flags Uncovered
  • Understand and isolate serious risks to company value
  • Go beyond tax, insurance or legal risks
  • Uncover hidden conditions that can derail an owner's plans for the future
  • Tackle these issues with your client sooner for a quick win
  • Post assessment tasks can be ranked by ROI
  • Value predictor calculates the worth of a given task, based on individual status
  • Tackle the 'low-hanging fruit' for a quick early win with your client
  • You can easily demonstrate how each step equates to value-building
Standard Assessment Tools
  • Holistic operational assessments look at the total picture
  • Move beyond tax, audit or business coaching
  • Leverage best practices to uncover service opportunities
  • CoreValue is like a 'Consultant-in-a-Box'
CoreValue Assessment Accuracy
  • Results validated by hundreds of professionals
  • Your clients get an accurate financial value
  • Operational data based on best practice alignment
  • Actionable information to plan your consulting engagements
Detailed Reports
  • The most detail and clarity
  • Easily demonstrate Client ROI
  • Benchmarking to peers
  • Report Writer lets you customize a report deliverable for each client
Client Workbook
  • Dynamic, actionable steps to guide you through value building activities
  • Detailed Driver Components
  • Build best practices into company operations
  • Real-time client tracking lets you manage the process 24/7
Marketing and Business Development
  • Materials developed by some of the world's top consultants
  • Successfully vetted techniques and tools mean you can be confident using our products
  • Email & phone scripts, collateral, website messaging, SEO techniques, sample presentations, speaker notes and more
  • You are ready to begin on day one
Additional Modules for Lead Generation
  • Discover-based enhancements to turbo-charge your practice
  • Custom Content Delivery Engine displays your content on the Discover Report
  • Discover Workshop marketing events
  • Highlight your firm's expertise to gain new clients
  • Put your firm's brand on all tools and marketing materials
  • Logo or banner upload showcases your firm, powered by CoreValue
  • Focus is on you, your expertise and your firm - not on a software program
Ease of Use --Free Initial Assessment
  • Start your clients with a no-obligation assessment
  • Clients receive a free Executive Report
  • You get valuable lead generation
  • Show you care by focusing on their needs first
We Speak in Plain English
  • No jargon, just straightforward language and an intuitive user interface
  • Everyone can understand how it works
  • Nothing for clients to prepare
  • Clients aren't overwhelmed by data-they can relax and provide honest input
Motivating, Exciting & Fun
  • The focus is on operations, not financials
  • Designed to facilitate meaningful client interactions
  • Clients quickly learn how the market views their business
  • Real-time calculations provide the most up-to-date metrics
Advisor Support --US Based
  • Many options for connecting with your customer success team
  • Phone, email, web portal or chat
  • Choose the option that works for you when you need it
Managed Onboarding
  • Regular check-ins with your support team
  • Keep abreast of new features and services
  • One advisor or many - we onboard all
  • CoreValue is committed to your success
"Build a Thriving Practice" Training with the NACVA
  • Get the technology, marketing, and client engagement training you need
  • Quickly and easily build or standardize your practice
  • Network with other advisors
  • Professional certificates help boost your reputation and your business