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Driving Growth 

The Client Journey from First Conversation to Engagement Success
  • CoreValue-powered Advisor Conference
  • Open to all: Management Consultants, CPAs, Financial Advisors, M&A Pros and Fractional CFOs
  • Increase your Firm's Size and Relevance
  • Experts Share Techniques for Driving Client Company Growth
  • Lunch+2 format, with generous 30 minute breaks in between
  • Livestream, and sessions recorded (don't miss a thing)
This conference is in the history book, but there will be another one soon.
How did it go? Here's how you colleagues put it:

Excellent conference and speakers! I've learned several tips and techniques I can apply to my practice immediately for helping my clients grow their businesses.' - Jack H, CPA CFP PFS

This Conference was a real level above!  I expected to learn a couple things, but this Conference really delivered - I don’t think it could've been any better, "10 of 10". - Steve D, CM&AP, CBSP, BEC  

Here's what the conference covers:

  • Earning your client’s trust and becoming their most valuable advisor
  • The 3 Dimensions of Business Growth: creating predictable profits, growth, and equity value
  • Gaining total clarity about bottlenecks to growthand delivering real results fast
  • Marketing for business advisors: building a thriving practice

  • Prioritizing engagements: creating clarity of Objectives and Key Results
  • Execution: leading clients to their strategic goals a senior pro shares his success fee model for consulting
  • Learn the secrets for successfully selling private companies (avoiding the 95% failure rate) 

Format: 3 sessions, with 30 minutes in between
March 17

Welcome, the Action Cycle, and the 3 Dimensions of Business Growth


12:00-1:00pm ET lunch session
Welcome, Conference Objectives
George Sandmann 
Conference Preview and Objectives, and the roadmap for 2021:
  • Community Shout-Out
  • New Software and Training
  • New Growth Drive Specialist Certificate
  • Upcoming Book
  • and more


1:30-2:30pm ET
Using an Action Cycle to Create Predictable Profit, Growth, and Equity Value  
George Sandmann 
Learn about getting total clarity about what your client needs to get where they want to go, and creating a launchpad for growth, predictable profits, and maximum equity value  - expanding your services and increasing your firm's size and relevance.


3:00-4:15pm ET
Why Clients Hire Advisors
Homer Smith, CFP with Konvergent Wealth Partners
Homer runs Konvergent Wealth Partners and is using CoreValue and the 3 Dimensions of Business Growth helping clients grow the equity value of their largest asset - their privately held business. Learn why CEOs and Business Owners become receptive to growth consulting services. 

March 18

Making Business Growth and Equity Value Drivers Actionable


12:00-1:15pm ET 
Analyze: Deep Analysis using CoreValue Software
Andy Weavill, Growth Advisor (UK) with TenXGrowth Ltd.
Building on his experiences as a Squadron Leader in the RAF, Andy has worked with a wide variety consulting roles at home and internationally.  He is the co-author of Rapid Growth Fix and is actively using the 3 Dimensions of Business Growth in his practice.
The first step for successful business consulting engagements is to understand your client - at the DNA level. Learn why deep analysis using tools like CoreValue Software leverages the power of technology helping you design winning strategic growth projects. #drivegrowth


1:45-3:00pm ET
Driving Growth through CEO Mastermind Groups
Tina Corner Stolz, founder of LXCouncil
Tina is the author of Sit Down! Speak Up! Cash In! A CEO Guide to Peer Advisory Groups, and the industry leader in successfully launching CEO peer groups. Tina is focusing on several challenges facing service firms today: (1) protecting top clients from the competition by creating valuable affinity services, (2) the client relationship hand-off by retiring partners, (3) creating deep relationships and minimizing risk of flight, and (4) expanding services to existing clients while also increasing customer satisfaction. Tina is using CoreValue's Discover Workshop technology with LXC's mastermind Groups to identify and solve business challenges.



3:30-4:45pm ET
Marketing Strategies for Consulting Firms
Christine is a marketing master, and her firm Hollinden works with professional service firms seeking sustainable marketing results. Learn to identify market opportunities, develop solid strategies, create scalable processes, and build your consulting practice
After completing this session you will have actionable information to sharpen your positioning and messaging to the market.

March 19

Prioritize & Execute: #DriveGrowth


12:00-1:15pm ET
Value Growth Planning in Exit/Equity Planning Engagements
John Leonetti, Founder and CEO of the International Exit Planning Association
In 2020 John and George collaborated to create the Growth Planning Curriculum and the Growth Quadrant, which brings Private Equity growth techniques to the Middle Market consulting community. John has lead the development and evolution of Exit Planning, which is the ultimate strategic planning engagement. John authored Exit Your Business, Protect Your Wealth, and will share his vast experience working with business owning clients, drawing on his many successes growing and monetizing value.


1:45-3:00pm ET
Execute: Taking Action, Driving Results
Mike Rogers, Principal, ExecHQ
Mike brings his experience as a CEO who has lead his companies through  a pair of successful M&A Transactions to discuss Execute, the third link in the Growth Drive Action Cycle. Learn about cutting through the noise (Mike calls it "myopia") and becoming a peer with the CEO. Mike will also discuss his success fee model for consulting, going at risk for much higher returns. Mike's Strategic Growth Canvas uses Agile sprints, which keep consulting project teams focused on reaching Objectives and Key Results - as defined in CoreValue. In this module learn a Senior Professional's techniques for driving successful client engagements - and building a thriving consulting practice.


3:30-4:45pm ET
Monetizing: Generating Predictable Equity Value
Michael Poole, Principal and Investment Banker with PCE Companies
The ultimate measure of success is high equity value. This senior professional brings expertise in investment banking, ESOP, valuation and advisory to the monetization conversation. Private companies with predictable equity value become immortal, and through a successful M&A transaction transcend the founder's career benefiting all stakeholders.  Learn which equity value drivers are  critical for a successful M&A transaction, from a veteran M&A pro. 


4:45pm ET
Stick around for this optional Community Open Mic, your chance for Q&A and open discussion.
George will highlight key outcomes of the Summit and share what's next!

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