How it Works

Two easy-to-use analysis modules plus a growth plan help you generate leads for your practice, and generate projects or multi-year engagements.  The business consulting system helps make your client company a high performance company. 

 1.  Start with CoreValue 'Discover' Report: Free Initial Analysis

Your prospect completes a free initial 15 minute assessment survey—during a one-on-one conversation, or self-serve via a web or email link (creates a qualified lead). The CoreValue system then instantly generates a powerful free discover report you can deliver to show the operational strength and value of their business, benchmarked against their industry, showing what the company could be worth if it performed like its strongest peers.

It shows the holes you can use to initiate engagement with your services.

2. CoreValue 'Unlock' Deep-Dive Analysis 

The Unlock stage is a two-plus-hour deep-dive analysis (building on  Discover) that compares the company against 18 value drivers, 78 sub-drivers, and thousands of comparable businesses--allowing you to create a more detailed and accurate report. It shows you exactly where to propose services to help your clients grow, build strength, and maximize value! 

3. CoreValue 'Unlock' Executable Growth Plan 

The deep-dive analysis produces a custom short and long-term executable growth plan to build their business and potentially generate projects and multi-year consulting engagements.  The plan shows the value of each task in advance, ranks them based on ease of implementation, and tracks the dollar value your services create over time.

You get a detailed roadmap and scoreboard for multi-year engagements.