Your Agency Profile

An "Agency" is the term for your firm's account in our application. Agency administrators access additional features that allow you to customize some of the application to reflect your brand, and detail the services you provide.

Agency Profile settings will apply to all users in your Agency. Items within the Agency profile include:

  • Your Banner or logo files for branding
  • Payment method
  • Agency 'Blurb' - a brief description about your firm. Similar to an "about us" page on a website, your blurb may contain any additional information about your firm's services or expertise that you wish to provide on reports to your clients. Filling out this information is optional.
  • Agency Disclaimer -This is an optional narrative you may add to include additional disclaimer language you're required to provide on any reports generated using the Report Writer. Filling out this information is optional.

For specific instructions on how to edit your agency profile, consult the article titled, "How-To: Edit your Agency Profile" found in the Learning Resources section of our Help Center.