How-to: Conduct Discover & Unlock from the advisor dashboard

This article explains how to complete an operational assessment on a business and delay sharing the results.

In certain situations, an advisor may want to 'control' the assessment (Discover & Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis) by managing the process on behalf of the client. This method allows the advisor to by-pass email authentication (verification of the client account) and manage the business owner's input and reporting until the advisor is ready to turn over the access to the growth plan to their client.

Some advisors provide a Deep-Dive Analysis in one meeting, and present the results to their client in a subsequent meeting. This gives the advisor additional time to review and analyze the results and prepare a comprehensive report of their findings. It also means the advisor can determine the most appropriate time for sharing results of the Deep-Dive Analysis as well as the action steps (tasks) required as part of the Growth Plan.

The instructions are presented in a step-by-step format, and begin with Discover. You may choose to conduct both the Discover & the Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis in one meeting, or follow the staged approach, where a Discover is completed in one meeting,the Deep-Dive Analysis is conducted in a second client meeting, and ongoing access to a growth plan is granted upon a client's agreement to pay for the advisor's consulting services.

The image below is a diagram of these steps:



Click HERE to download a copy of step-by-step instructions for conducting an Unlock on behalf of your client.