How-to: Implement tasks as part of your growth plan

After you’ve completed the Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis with your client, the CoreValue application generates a variety of reports and outputs, including a suggested task list.

Tasks are generated only after the Deep-Dive Analysis is completed. They are based on both how the client answered the questions, and the drivers’ structure itself. This means that certain drivers have additional questions to be answered as part of the growth plan, while other drivers (those with fewer indicators) will result in a task that is generated based on the individual driver score.

Each task has an associated value gap amount, and will show the percentage of the total value gap for the company that the task is worth. Tasks are also assigned an ROI that will show your ‘bang for the buck’ in completing the task.

Your client's overall goals and objectives should be the foundation for your growth plan and strategy. Keep in mind that there are a variety of approaches you can take with clients, and some tasks that are a priority for one client may not be relevant for another.

Our training document, Understanding Tasks, can be downloaded here. This guide outlines different types of tasks (workbook or tactical) and explains how to access each suggested task, schedule the task on your client's dashboard and how your client can record each task as completed.