Managing Advisors within your CoreValue Agency

Occasionally you may may need to add or remove an advisor's access to your CoreValue agency. This can only be completed by an agency administrator.

PLEASE NOTE: Adding new advisors may incur additional charges to your agency account, depending upon your current licensing arrangements with CoreValue. Contact customer service if you are unsure of the costs or need additional details about your account before you add new users.

Enterprise or multi-user Unlimited licenses service accounts with more than one advisor. If you are the administrator of one of these agencies, follow the instructions below to add or remove a user from your account.

1. Access your AGENCY PIPELINE to see information about who is actively registered to use CoreValue within your firm.


From your AGENCY PIPELINE, scroll down to the menu bar labeled "Current Advisors in Your Agency" to access your options.


When you open this portal, a list of current advisors will display. You have two choices; invite (add) a new Advisor or deactivate (remove) an existing advisor.


If you select "Invite New Advisor" you'll be presented with a standard CoreValue invitation screen, as follows:


If you need to remove a user from your Agency, select 'deactivate' next to that users name. You will be prompted to confirm this choice. Note that, before you can remove an advisor, you must reassign any of that users' clients to a new advisor. If that client has notification settings activated, this will trigger an email to the client with a message indicating a new advisor has been assigned to their account.