Operational Value Report

Once a Deep-Dive Analysis is complete, with a premium account you can access several types of reports to present to your client, including an Operational Value Report.

In addition to the standard set of reports generated by a Deep-Dive Analysis, you can also provide a 15-page Operational Value Report summarizing the overall health and value of a company's operations.

CoreValue-powered consultants are using this report

  • to generate screenshots used in Strategic Growth Planning, Growth Consulting, and Exit Planning. See e.g. Growth & Exit Architecture template
  • in conjunction with a standards-based valuation to show clients how to make equity value actionable (growth consulting)
  • as part of an Opinion of Value in advance of M&A
  • and more

To download a sample report, just click here.

Operational Value Report Screenshot 1 Summary

Operational Value Report Screenshot 2 Growth Drivers