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Overview of Unlock: Deep-Dive Analysis

CoreValue's Unlock: Deep-Dive Analysis is the second in a series of three levels of assessment used to determine a business' operational strength.

The Deep-Dive Analysis is a series of 78 questions designed to provide a benchmark of the operational performance of a business. Using the results from Discover, the next set of questions drills into each driver component, or indicator, to provide additional details concerning the relative strength of each driver at work in the company.



With Discover, the business owner 'rates' his or her company relative to a best practice for the driver.  The Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis takes a quantitative approach by challenging the owner to substantiate prior responses from Discover. So, an owner may state that they're 'growing at a good clip' during the Discover interview; at Unlock, they are challenged to demonstrate why they chose that answer.

For example:

1. Does the business have documentation on their company's growth relative to their competitors? companygrowth


2. Does the owner understand the growth trends within his industry?



3. Can he articulate why the products or services his company sells would support current or future trends in growth?


The answers to underlying indicators help to quantify the overall health of each driver and provide a more accurate analysis of a company's day-to-day operations in pursuit of increased revenues.


Advisors can conduct an Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis with clients in a live setting, or send the survey to the client via email. However, best practices indicate that when you sit with the owner to review and answer these questions you'll be in a much better position to provide a more meaningful analysis and develop a comprehensive report on your findings. And remember that, when you send your client a link to complete the survey on their own, they will have access to the subsequent Growth Plan features that follow.* You'll need to plan accordingly in order to meet any contractual obligations you may have previously made with your client.

Total time to complete will vary based on the client, however, you should plan a minimum of two hours' time to conduct a Deep-Dive interview.

For more information about the Deep-Dive Analysis, and specific instructions for how to access this portion of the assessment, consult these articles in the Knowledge Base:

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*Client access to level 3 features may be withheld based on the advisor's license with CoreValue.  Talk to your sales rep, or contact support@corevalueforadvisors if you have questions about your user license.