Step-By-Step: Using CoreValue Unlock: Deep-Dive Analysis With Clients

There are two main approaches to initiating the Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis with your business owner clients. The approach you choose will determine when and how your clients will access the results of your analysis.

Before you begin the Unlock: Deep-Dive Analysis, you should understand the differences between the two approaches to ensure they match your desired workflow. Primarily, you're making a choice between providing your client with full access to the CoreValue assessment and growth tracking tools up-front, or, restricting client access until the client meets certain criteria and/or signs a longer-term agreement for services.

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1. Send your client a link via email. This approach allows you to send an Unlock 'invitation' via email to your client(s). You can compose a personalized message, include instructions for what you'd like them to do - start the Unlock on their own or wait to open the link until you meet again, for example. The CoreValue application will append a personalized link to the Unlock Deep-Dive analysis for this specific customer to the email.

Tip: This method can be useful for situations where you will not have access to your own equipment/device, or for situations where you are comfortable providing your clients with access to all reports, charts, graphs and outputs resulting from the Deep-Dive Analysis. Note too that once the client clicks the link sent in the email, he or she will be instructed to set up a unique password for their CoreValue account, thereby granting them ongoing access to the software and related tools.

CoreValue Unlock Steps

2. Conduct the Unlock from your advisor dashboard. This approach is sometimes referred to as the "Advisor Controlled Method" as this allows the advisor to control or manage the Deep-Dive Analysis as well as access to the resulting outputs from the Q&A.

Tip: This method is generally employed by advisors who wish to limit client access to both the DDA questions and the results generated by our software. It is suggested you follow this approach if you are unsure how to interpret the standard reports, client dashboard features, or if you simply do not want your client to review any results until you have had ample time to analyze and/or report on your findings.

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