Mission: Drive Growth
CoreValue Advisor Software

Making companies strong creates community wealth.

Our mission is to connect private companies with the capital and expertise they need to drive growth, and add $1T to the US economy. 

Think about it. A few Big Consulting firms work with the Publics --a fraction of US companies impacting a fraction of our economy. Yet while Big Consulting gets the lion's share of fame and glory, they are completely irrelevant to the private companies which are the engines of our economy

There's a valuable lesson here. Big Consulting's expertise is a must-have for public companies who want to maximize growth and shareholder value... If Private Company CEOs connect with this same expertise by engaging middle market consulting firms, they can unleash incredible growth and shareholder value. Imagine the impact of planned, sustainable growth in Middle Market companies on stakeholders, communities, and the macro US economy.   Imagine the impact of connecting the power of consulting expertise with targeted private company problems. We do.

There are 6MM US businesses with payrolls. Of these, the top 650M have revenues between $2.5MM and $75MM. These are the engine of the US economy, producing $9T in aggregate revenues, almost 50% of GDP. They provide 40% of US jobs –and create 63% of new ones. 

All of the measurements in the last paragraph use yesterday’s news: financial results framed in GAAP, the accepted language of company performance.  But GAAP merely defines the output of the business. Financial data cannot predict tomorrow’s winners.

To predict winners you need to measure the gears inside the business, analyzing where and how to drive growth.  CoreValue's technology delivers this analysis, helping advisors to unleash robust >20% revenue growth. 

1.5MM professionals advise private companies. Yet there is a gap between private companies, and the capital and expertise they need to unleash growth.  A generally accepted framework for quantifying operational performance bridges this gap, and provides the body for GAAP’s mirror. It shows us the core value of an operation. This framework allows us to measure the operating business engine, and surgically apply expertise and capital to remove weakness and increase financial output, driving growth.  Used by professional business advisors and private business executives, the framework brings transparency and enables companies to take control of their own futures, and in the process, create a more efficient market for the benefit of all.

This operational framework is the common language through which companies, their advisors, and the capital markets collaborate.

The framework empowers you to help private companies become strong. The framework empowers you to unleash growth.


Private companies generate $16.7T GR annually, with a total Value Gap of $3.7T (calculated using CoreValue data).  

This Mission Statement, and Guiding Principles, are published in keeping with CoreValue's 'Company Overview' value driver.