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Management Consultants

Management Consultants look to CoreValue for the analysis and graphics they need for a wide variety of engagements. Do you know how CEOs are inundated by professionals who call themselves consultants, but who often do not have the requisite expertise to help companies thrive? CoreValue-powered Management Consultants are using the system to demonstrate their deep understanding of the business engine, and to connect their specific subject-mater expertise to quantified operational bottlenecks.  Management Consultants are helping middle market companies drive almost half of GDP. Examples of CoreValue-powered services include:

  • Strategic Growth Planning, Implementation and Management

  • Senior Team Alignment, Mentoring, plus Management Workshops

  • Creating Predictable Profits and Cash Flow, Growth, and Equity Value 

  • Equity and Exit Planning, Succession Planning

  • and more

Management Consulting firms make up over 40% of CoreValue Advisor Software’s customer base. 

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CPA Business Advisors

CPA Business Advisors look to CoreValue technology and training to expand their services and win new engagements. The CPA profession is undergoing an evolution from tax and audit services into business consulting - often blurring the line between CPA and Management Consultant services. CPAs have earned a high degree of client trust, providing the basis for additional services, including:

  • Financial Reporting Process Improvement
  • Flash Reports
  • Operational Audits
  • Quality of Earnings-related services
  • Valuation and Value Growth
  • Equity and Exit Planning, Succession Planning
  • M&A and M&A Prep
  • see Management Consulting

CPA firms, including many Accounting Today Top 100 and Top Regional Firms, make up over 22% of CoreValue Advisor Software’s customer base. 

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Personal/Financial Advisors

Personal Advisors and Financial Planners use CoreValue’s Discover initial analysis of company strength and value to educate clients about the equity value and monetization prospects for their largest asset: their privately held business. Financial Advisors are not interested in being business consultants. They are motivated by delivering successful wealth plans for business-owning clients which are often driven by the sale of the client’s business at high value. Financial Advisors are using CoreValue as a competitive edge: very few Financial Advisors invest to time to perform any analysis of the strength and value of their client’s critical asset. The high-level Discover conversation is often within the context of long-term wealth, equity and exit planning. Financial Advisors then turn to their existing COIs, and to the community of CoreValue-powered advisors and consultants, who can help clients neutralize bottlenecks to equity value. 

Personal Advisors and Financial Planners make up 12% of CoreValue Advisor Software customers, and most often solely use CoreValue 'Discover', the initial assessment of company strength and value.

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M&A Professionals

Intermediaries including Investment Bankers and Business Brokers look to CoreValue to differentiate their services, and to efficiently execute a pre-due diligence analysis of prospective clients. CoreValue allows them to cost-effectively deliver a valuable branded report to prospects (Operational Value Report). CoreValue-powered firms are able to refer prospects for help neutralizing red flag threats to successful transactions, keeping the prospective transaction inside the firm’s orbit. 

M&A firms make up almost 16% of CoreValue Advisor Software’s customer base; an M&A firm is CoreValue’s most prolific non-enterprise user of the Deep-Dive Analysis and Reports.

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Fractional CFOs (and CXOs)

Fractional CFO service is a fast-growing on-demand professional service segment. CFOs look to CoreValue to power their role as a strategic peer to client CEOs. By using the CoreValue Deep-Dive Analysis with clients and prospects Fractional CFOs highlight their expertise understand the business as an engine that delivers revenues and profits. This positions the Fractional CFO as the pro who can stabilize cash flow, increase margins, and drive growth.

Fractional CFOs make up 6% of CoreValue Advisor Software’s customer base. 


In addition, CoreValue-powered advisors include Fractional CEOs, CMOs, and COOs. CoreValue is a proud strategic partner of ExecHQ who provides on-demand executive-level professional services, including Fractional CFO services

CoreValue is used extensively in Strategic Planning and Execution engagements, Growth Consulting, Equity and Exit Planning engagements, Equity Value Growth engagements (often in conjunction with a formal Valuation), in M&A Opinions of Value coupled with a formal valuation, and more.

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