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Posted by George Sandmann on Mar 17, 2020 2:11:55 PM

This is a crisis --which has created a gap in time. Do you want to help your CEO and business-owning clients navigate this storm? Here’s good advice: help them be resilient. Lead a conversation about using this time for measuring, planning, and staying lean so they can bend with the wind and spring back. You can be a positive, calm resource during this storm.

Chances are that right now your clients need guidance -- something better than the torrent of tough news from the markets and the media. Their teams are suddenly working from home, and the phone has stopped ringing.  What opportunity does this gap in time create? The opportunity for getting focused on fundamentals. Strong business fundamentals determine which companies will be resilient; weak companies will suffer.

Start by going analog: make a phone call. We are social apes, now is time for active listening and discussing. Some tips:

  1. If you leave a voicemail, make it short, and remember to smile while you talk: “This is George, just calling to see how you’re doing.” No pitch, no ask, this is a courtesy call.
  2. When you connect, start on a personal level --how are they, their family, kids home from school/college; aging parents?
  3. Check in about their professional life: “I’m not going to make any assumptions, so tell me: how is this playing out for you and your company?”
  4. Be a resource: “Do you have a plan to manage this crisis?” The plan can include:
  • Confirming the strength of core processes --working remotely could be a great time to have the team update written processes and operational manuals. With these in place, the company will be ready to capitalize during the recovery
  • Conserving cash --suggest they find and seal leaks (every company has them); also create a list of potential cuts if these become needed; this is actually a calming, control-taking exercise
  • On finances, get tactical: look at profitability by product/service, and lead conversations about where to focus precious resources. What will carry the company into the future? It’s better to do one thing well than two things so-so
  • Run a competitive analysis. It’s a lot of work, but will help identify where your client shines; this is fuel for the marketing engine when it goes back into gear

If you lead meetings, do it for free. You are here for them, and the karma you create will come full circle, trust me. You’re creating a powerful pipeline of goodwill.

Some free tips:

  1. You can use CoreValue for free to successfully start the ‘resilient business’ conversation
  2. There are scads of resources in the knowledgebase -- also free, you don’t need to be a customer
  3. You can pick up the phone and call us anytime --we are happy to help

Like all crises, this too shall pass. Be a happy warrior, be a resource, and above all: be well.




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