Practice Development: Creating a Growth Mindset

by George Sandmann on Jun 9, 2022 5:15:21 PM

Creating the 'Growth Mindset' sounds like voodoo or consulting blab. But here's the thing: your clients want to grow their business, they're stuck,...

Incredibly Sophisticated

by George Sandmann on May 20, 2022 6:15:00 AM

In this quick video we share how your colleagues are using the CoreValue system to win and execute client engagements...

Smash Hits Keep Coming

by Admin on Jul 2, 2021 6:30:00 AM

What a quarter: CoreValue continues to execute on its mission serving advisors and consultants to middle market businesses, and you're helping us...

Three Updates: (1) OMG --Free? (2) Blinding Speed (3) NAICS 45 Retail Value Change

by Admin on Jul 25, 2019 3:14:25 PM

Here's your Mid-Summer Update.

"How CoreValue Works" Page Refresher  --new capabilities

by George Sandmann on Jun 26, 2019 4:31:35 PM

Check out the new "How it Works" page on our web site. Plus, final days to lock in pricing.

NACVA CEO Announces CoreValue at Heart of Maximizing Value Strategy

by Admin on May 16, 2019 3:41:13 PM

"...We started by introducing the slickest software I have seen in my career, known as CoreValue." --National Association of Certified Valuators and...

The Business Plan: Converting Your Client's Business Model into Revenues

by George Sandmann on Mar 7, 2019 12:06:00 PM

Creating or Auditing your Client’s Business Plan

Business Advisor Series Article 6

3 Things: Your New Service; New Enterprise Pricing; Advisor Conference

by Admin on Oct 10, 2018 2:59:15 PM

1.  Your New Service: Operational Analyst

Strong Companies are Valuable Companies:  make operational strength actionable, and help your clients...

Share the Love: Easy Referral Program Earns You $ Credits

by Admin on May 22, 2018 10:52:56 AM

Of all things, a fancy new trash can for the house delivered a great business lesson. Inside the shiny new can was a thank you card worth $$... We...

Lots of News: CoreValue Spring Highlights

by George Sandmann on May 14, 2018 11:27:52 AM

New offices, CoreValue Conference, Boot Camp in Las Vegas.