How do you help with clients #1 problem?

Posted by George Sandmann on Nov 27, 2018 2:14:54 PM

Build a Thriving Practice: Expanding Services and Client Retention

How do you help your clients with their #1 problem?

CoreValue-powered Business Advisors have analyzed +10,000 companies. This data shows that the #1 bottleneck to growth is Sales & Marketing. Companies may be selling like gangbusters, but if they don’t have a Sales and Marketing process, they can’t scale efficiently and maximize value.

What if you could show your clients how to improve this process, and unlock growth?

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Listen up: you don’t have to be a Sales & Marketing guru to help them. You need to leverage your position as the CEO’s peer, and help the CEO to identify problems and manage the solutions. #operationsanalyst

Do you want to add this level of service to your firm? You can learn how to do this. Our customers are CPAs, Management Consultants, Financial Advisors, and M&A pros. If your peers can help with these issues, you can too.

You just need the tools and training to find and fix the bottlenecks to growth.

Step back and think about your practice. What are the fundamentals?

  • People
  • Tools
  • Training

So let’s unpack how you can help with specific value drivers like Sales & Marketing. It isn’t voodoo.

Put a 🗹 next to People. Now think about how valuable it is to add new services by adding Tools and Training. For example, add a service to analyze the operational strength of client companies --and highlight bottlenecks to growth. Then leverage the technology to deliver a plan which helps generate an average 21.63% year-over-year revenue growth. It isn’t voodoo: it’s an MBA in the cloud, a consulting practice-in-a-box.

🗹 Tools    🗹 Training

Start by getting your team the training and tools you need to identify weaknesses in client companies. This builds on the assets you bring to the battle every day. People. Tools. Training.

Is it easy? You bet. Let’s zero in on the #1 bottleneck to growth1, Sales & Marketing. The best practice is:

“You can produce revenue in a proven and systematic way, ensuring the business is sustainable and not simply based on the efforts of individuals within the business today.”

By leveraging technology you will:

  1. Rate the client’s performance on a scale of 1-10
  2. Benchmark them against their peers
  3. Show them how under-performance is a company-specific risk putting a drag on growth and value

And you can do this for all 18 Value Drivers, deliver the report as a new service, and help implement solutions on a retainer basis.

The tools and the training are here. How many clients do you have? How many services are you providing to each of them? It’s easier to sell your clients new services than to win new clients. We're glad to help.

Want to learn more? Load up your service quiver now, be ready to rock in 2019.

1Source: Sales & Marketing is the top weak operational process of the 18 value drivers analyzed using CoreValue Advisor Software. Results based on advisor-generated data, ©2018. US Patent 9,607,274.


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