Video: updating the Growth-Drive Playbook for Building a Thriving Advisory Business

Posted by Admin on Jul 5, 2022 1:01:00 PM

Growth-Drive has unveiled a significant evolution of the terrific Growth-Drive Launch Course. After completing this course senior pros are adding +2 valuable new services and expanding their reach and relevance with their client CEOs .  Growth-Drive's training, tools and support are being used to help build thriving advisory businesses.z

Senior Pros are using Growth-Drive's training, tools and support to build their advisory business - especially applicable now, when clients are looking for help. The course is helping a wide range of professionals. CoreValuators especially love it because the Growth-Drive Playbook turbo-charges use of analysis tools like the CoreValue Advisor Software. (Not a CoreValuator? No worries: the Launch Course includes a 45 day free trial of CoreValue -meaning that the course delivers everything you need to win a new engagement). Growth-Drive can also leverage ValueBuilder, BizEquity and other analysis tools.

What's changing about the Growth-Drive Launch Course? In this brief video George describes the Growth-Drive Playbook, available with the course for the first time:

Summer is the perfect time to invest in expanding your services - and this course delivers a 10X ROI. You are key to the strength and resilience of middle market businesses which are the backbone of our economy. As economic uncertainty spreads, clients are looking for your expertise and support: now is a great time to start a conversation about redesigning your client's business so that it delivers predictable profits and cash flow, creating a launchpad for growth.  

You can check out the Growth-Drive Launch Course here - and if it makes sense there's a link to register. If the course makes sense for you, by registering now the Growth-Drive Team can get you your playbook in plenty of time for the course, which is only a few weeks away. It'll also allow time for you to get your CoreValue software orientation from us. Summer double fun. 

BTW, here's what a senior pro like you has to say about the course: "George. this is incredible..." 

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