Business Advisor Conference Preview: Marketing

Posted by Admin on Sep 12, 2019 12:38:52 PM

A Marketing Workshop is being offered on Day 2 of #drivegrowth: the CoreValue Business Advisor Conference. The workshop is being led by Christine Hollinden of Hollinden Marketers + Strategists. You'll be able to answer "How do I get the CEO's attention? How do I connect my services with client needs?"

You know what doesn't work. An old school email 'drip' campaign is cited as the top attraction to one of our competitors (ironic that their technology is not the #1 reason). The email campaign doesn't work very well, and lack of results is the #1 reason customers give for switching from that company to CoreValue Advisor Software.

Do you want to learn about successfully starting the business consulting conversation? And about creating inbound calls from people who are asking for help? You have two options... keep doing as you are today, or you can change.

Change: here's how to win new engagements. Watch this quick video about helping you win new clients by connecting your expertise with the client's quantified bottlenecks to growth.

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