Marketing for Business Advisors (And Why our Competitors Get it Wrong)

Posted by George Sandmann on Feb 8, 2022 1:33:51 PM

Getting the CEO's attention is hard, and that's only the first hurdle. Why would they listen to you? Why should they take action with you? Because with readily-available knowledge and tools you can show CEOs the clear ROI $$$ they can get by working with you. This makes hiring you a no-brainer, right? This is where you need to play. Here's how.

Winning long term gigs in which you are the Trusted Advisor starts with, you guessed it, building trust. valubuilder review

CoreValuators know that connecting their expertise with clients is the #1 goal. You help private businesses better serve their stakeholders and reach their goals. That's good for you, great for them, and deeply important for our communities: private businesses are the engines for the pursuit of happiness.1 You're an unsung hero.  

How do you connect with CEOs and win consulting gigs? By making your expertise directly relevant to your clients. You need to practice 'inbound marketing' especially because it makes prospects feel like they are controlling the engagement process.

Have you heard the saw "Everyone likes to buy, but no one likes to be sold to"? As our friends at HubSpot put it: "Outbound marketing [seeks] to push messaging out to potential customers. [...] It is costly and the ROI is much lower than inbound marketing."2 Outbound often ignores where potential customers are in the buyer's journey. It's Machine Gun Kelly with email blasts. 

That's where other 'value builder' programs fall flat. They use outbound, a light scoring tool, leading to a one-size-fits-all consulting program that isn't truly supported by technology.  Nothing really wrong with that - it is in fact being used successfully - but nothing really exciting either.

The better approach is Inbound Marketing. Do you want to excite CEOs? Start by showing your clients exactly where they need to focus for growing cash flow and shareholder value, shown right there in dollars and cents. Add how you will unlock growth and now you're having deep and illuminating conversations. 

And that's why CoreValuators are so bloody loyal. 

CoreValuators (this could be you...) get real results by focusing on the core of CEOs who know your name and more importantly where you've established some level of trust. This is the magic of inbound (and you can start using these tools for free).

In a short time you can quickly create a stable of opportunities won using the baseline Business Scan, successfully starting the conversation about growing profits and value. Now they're listening: using the scan shows how smart and relevant you are. 

Now move them forward on the buyer's journey. The next step is to educate your prospect about the bottlenecks to growth and value in their business. And rather than talking in conceptual terms about enterprise value, you are winning engagements by showing them an accurate current value for their business (the business value after completing due diligence, wildly popular with our M&A customers). You'll do this using the same tool that has a 40,0000 use record of success and is promoted by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysis, by Enterprise, by many top CPA and boutique Business Advisory firms. 

You can also use these tools in Discover Workshop Marketing Events. These events have a proven track record of success - just as the folks at LX Council or Keynote Speaker Mark Parrott author of Meta-Trends, to name a couple.

This same technology drives services like Senior Leadership Alignment Workshops and can power your marketing with before-and-after success cases. "Our average client outperforms market value by 15% in just one year" - that's a real stat from CoreValuator LX Council. Imagine using data like this with your prospects.

And because an elephant is eaten one bite at a time, apply this same formula in a paid engagement worth $4,500-$10,000 by creating total clarity about what your clients needs to get the success they want... with your help.

We're hosting a lightning round about these tools and techniques Thursday at 12 pm ET, if you're interested please register hereCan't make it? No worries, register and we'll send you the recording. And feel free to book a consultation using the form on the upper right of this page. 

1. Private businesses deliver $1 Trillion to the US GDP, provide 44% of jobs and 63% of new jobs, and deliver wealth for owners and employees that underpins our communities. Stats sourced from US Census.

2. HubSpot Article on Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

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