Motivation: Getting to your client's MOTIVE for Growth

Posted by Admin on May 6, 2021 12:11:59 PM

Motivation. Motive. What is your client's motive - today - for hiring you to guide them growing profits and value?

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Funny, this article about motivation (vision and mission) comes out of our commitment to innovation - two gears in the business engine. To foster innovation, we invest about 10% of our time looking at new ideas. Reading, watching TED talks and YouTube videos, checking out your web sites, and studying complimentary or competitive technologies. You never know where learning will take you. Sarah, who runs Support, excitedly launched this video to start our daily huddle. Watch the first 2:24. 

Jocko delivers a powerful talk about motive and motivation. He tells us that to motivate means to explain why you're doing what you're doing; how it will help, where it will take you, and why you should pick up the fight. Applied to your world, it means that the struggle of growing a business is not easy, but that by becoming faster, smarter, better, by being motivated, you can lead the way through the heat of battle to where victory is forged. 

We need to help clients define or reconnect with their motive. The data shows that over 75% of CEOs want to grow profits and transferable value... Growth is their motive. 

If you took part in the Growth Consulting Summit this March, you already know about our partnership with Growth Drive LLC. George Sandmann founded Growth Drive to offer specialized training for Management Consultants, CPAs, M&A Pros, Exit Planners and Fractional CFOs. Growth Drive is about designing and executing long-term engagements creating predictable profits, growth, and transferable value. These are the 3 Dimensions of Business Growth™.

Growth Drive has announced the Growth Drive Fundamentals Course slated for June 2021. This 12 hour course is being offered as a livestream. 

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Watch the first 2:24 of the video. Now, ask yourself 'why' you're driven.  And do you want to work with clients who are also driven? The first class in the Growth Drive course is about WHY (hence Sarah's excitement about the video). Why do CEOs hire consultants like you? Why is it important to create clarity about what your client needs to get the success they want? Why does being a Growth Drive Specialist™ differentiate your practice and increase your relevance? 

Here's what the course promises:

  • The course introduces the playbook for growth consulting projects
  • You will understand the fundamental concepts and techniques for advising clients about how to move from their status quo to the top 3 strategic goals
  • The top 3 goals are creating predictable profits, growth, and transferable value
  • And in the first class, "Why are we going, and where?" you'll learn to guide a conversation with your client that uncovers and confirms their client's strategic goal and motivation.

BTW, you don't need to the a CoreValue user to register for the Growth Drive Fundamentals Course. You just need to be driven to succeed.

Want to learn more? You can check out the course here, and/or add your email address below to be among the first to hear from Growth Drive about updates, new resources, and more. Register here for the Growth Drive course.

[1] data from over 40,000 CEOs and companies analyzed using CoreValue Software.

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