New: Generate a $7,500 paid project using CoreValue's FREE 30 day trial

Posted by George Sandmann on Jul 20, 2022 3:24:46 PM

Inside: using the free 30 day trial of this killer advisory tool to win a paying engagement

CoreValue for Advisors offers a ‘30 Days Free’ trial. What’s in it for you? Lots.

The free initial trial includes unlimited use of CoreValue Discover, the initial analysis of company strength and value. Why should you care? Because the free trial includes all of the analysis tools you need to deliver a paid engagement. The CoreValue Discover Report delivers valuable client information: 

  • an accurate M&A value for the business (in contrast to a formal valuation, which is different from M&A value)
  • The top 3 bottlenecks to growth and transferable value
  • Red Flag existential threats to growth and transferable value
  • Benchmarking against industry peers
  • And more

Through your CoreValue Advisor Dashboard (and therefore invisible to your client) there are several additional resources which are being used by your colleagues to power paid engagements.

But wait - haven’t you always said that CoreValue Discover is best used for sealing the deal on a new client engagement? Short answer: YES. However, the tool is incredibly dynamic and thought leaders like @mariebenedetto, CPA and Growth-Driver, are creating new ways to use the tool as they build their advisory businesses. For example, and as Marie shared in our partner Growth-Drive’s weekly coffee klatsch, you can use CoreValue Discover in an initial paid project. Growth-Drive is the leading community of experts on growing profits and value, learn more here including upcoming growth advisor training.

Here’s the timeline, from the point at which your client agrees to the initial project (Growth-Drive can also help you with a process to get to this point):

  1. Send the client an email with the link to complete the CoreValue Discover initial analysis
  2. Once they’ve completed Discover, you’re going to log into your CoreValue Advisor Dashboard and use 3 resources, and the questions these answer for your client:
    • Discover Report: what’s my business worth, and why?
    • Value Driver Report: how do my operational processes compare to my peers?
    • Analytics: what’s the impact on the equity value of my business of my top 5 operational weak spots; how do I compare to the market at large?

Pro Tip: de-risk your client’s buying decision with this offer: "Hire me for this initial project. If you then decide to hire me for a bigger project/long-term engagement, I’ll credit your payment for the initial project towards future retainers."

Between the initial meeting, building the SWOT value report, and delivering it to your client, you’ll invest about 3 hours - which drives the $1,200 project price. Here are screenshot examples of what your client deliverable can include:

CoreValue Discover Fundamentals

CoreValue Discover Report, Top

CoreValue Discover Driver Report

Here's the CoreValue Analytics Chart showing this client can move $175,000 from at-risk into the value of their business by strengthening Recurring Revenue. ROI Identified. Makes hiring you a no-brainer.

CoreValue Discover Analytics Example

You can also easily build an engagement timeline listing each ROI increase in shareholder value. Imagine how this intel will help your client see you and the value of your services. Knowledge is a beautiful thing.

Stay tuned, there are several ways in which you can become a Discover ninja. For now, if you decide to try your hand then registering for CoreValue is easy, and you can get help in the extensive knowledgebase. You might also check out the free Growth-Drive Community, the leading community of experts on growing profits and value. 

Also available using CoreValue ‘Discover’: 

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