New Growth Drive methodology turbocharges CoreValue analysis

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The Growth Consulting Summit is in the books. Are you wondering how it went, and what you might have missed? Here’s what your colleagues are saying:

This Conference was a real level above!  I expected to learn a couple things, but this conference really delivered - I don’t think it could've been any better, "10 of 10". Steve D, CM&AA, CBSP, BEC 

Thank you, George. Excellent conference and speakers! I've learned several tips and techniques I can apply to my practice immediately for helping my clients grow their businesses.' Jack H, CPA, CFF®, PFS® 

The Summit is a great time to introduce new technologies and training. During the Summit intro by CEO George Sandmann, he showcased the new ‘Business Scan’ business development module which is being added to the software suite.  George also unveiled Growth Drive™, formalizing the methodology through which advisors and consultants are helping CEOs create predictable profits, growth, and shareholder value.

Growth Drive Logo with White FieldWhy has Sandmann developed Growth Drive? He sees client CEO demand, based on the CoreValue Software analysis of over 40,000 companies. We know that CEOs have three strategic goals:

  • 62% want to grow revenues
  • 21% want to simply make their company easier to run, and 
  • 17% are preparing to sell their company - and of these, 83% learn during M&A prep that they need to grow shareholder value to fund their family’s wealth goals

CoreValue Software has earned a sterling track record as a consulting tool by analyzing operational strength, distilling this analysis into a CoreValue Rating (from 0-10) and then using the rating to calculate a client company’s enterprise value - what the business is worth after accounting for company-specific risks. The software then prioritizes the tasks needed to increase enterprise value by mitigating company-specific risk so that the business can sell at the top end of the range of multiples. 

But there’s a disconnect between what the software does and what CEOs actually want. The software as-is was really designed to help CEOs who want to increase shareholder value.

So what’s missing? What’s missing is a growth methodology that addresses the strategic priority of the whole market - the 83% of CEOs who want to grow revenues and increase operational excellence, but don’t care (or don’t know to care) about the shareholder value of their largest asset, their privately held business.

Growth Drive is the growth methodology. CoreValue Advisor Software will continue to deliver its excellent training on the pure mechanics of performing the client analysis and generating client reports; plus the how to's for promoting your practice and winning new engagements. This training is available as live webinars, via video recordings, and knowledgebase articles. It’s the heart of the self-serve Starter Pro program, and of the excellent Onboarding program for CoreValue ‘Growth Consultant’ unlimited subscribers.

Feedback from the Management Consultants, CPA Business Advisors, Financial and Personal Planners, M&A Practitioners and Fractional CFOs who have begun using Growth Drive in engagements has been phenomenal. This enthusiasm carried through in the Growth Consulting Summit, and the community is pumped up to deploy these concepts in their engagements.

With Growth Drive, you can choose to access to a new methodology for converting the results of your client discovery (whether or not you use CoreValue Software) in order to meet the strategic goals of the 83% of CEOs who want to grow revenues and make their company easier to run. 

After completing the Growth Drive program, you will understand the fundamental concepts and techniques for advising clients about how to move from their status quo, to achieving the 3 top strategic goals: creating predictable profits, growth, and shareholder value. You will be able to advise clients looking for help:

  • Growing to reach aspirational revenues and profits
  • Growing to reach aspirational equity value, aka value greater than the ‘Potential Value’ calculated by CoreValue Software

3 Dog Pyramid with Growing Rev and Value

The Growth Drive methodology uses the 3 Dimensions of Business Growth™ to prioritize growth and equity value drivers in line with all three CEO strategic goals. Growth Drive is deployed through the Growth Drive Action Cycle: Analyze, Prioritize, and Execute. The action cycle is the framework for engagements, and teaches clients best practices for managing their business over the long term.

Growth Drive Action Cycle-3

Core elements of the Growth Drive methodology and training are available with the CoreValue Advisor Software ‘Growth Consultant’ unlimited subscription. Growth Drive LLC owns this separate IP, which is licensed to CoreValue Advisor Software for the use of its customers, and will be available as training to the business advisory and consulting market generally.  You don't need to be a CoreValue Advisor Software customer to use Growth Drive - but the CoreValue analysis brings a lot of technology juice to the process.

Analyze Prioritize Execute

Are you wondering how to learn more? The Growth Drive Fundamentals Course [Is planned for June 8-9-10, from 8:30-10:30 and 12:30-2:30 ET. This is the beta rollout of this enhanced training - beta in that students will be asked to critique the course. Taught through a series of 2 hour lessons (1 hour per topic), you’ll get a first crack at these powerful techniques, and a voice in refining the course for future classes. Our goal is to test and refine these concepts which will be offered in the longer-form, live  Business Advisor Boot Camp available through the NACVA and Consultants’ Training Institute, which will carry NASBA-approved CPE. 

In the next article you’ll learn about each of the 12 lessons, and we’ll open class registration. If you want to get on the Growth Drive list and be the first to know about new training, webinars, and resources, please add your name using the form on the right

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