*NEW* Growth Strategy Report for strategic planning, exit planning, growth engagements

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*NEW* Growth Strategy Report

Deliver strategic planning engagements with this new report

Looking for technology to help in client engagements? CoreValue’s new Growth Strategy Report helps start or scale your business consulting practice.

Time required to prepare the Growth Strategy Report: 0 mins, the technology automatically generates this report, which can be used as a deliverable or as guidance when preparing a strategic plan, exit plan, operational strength and value report, and more. The report is available after an advisor completes the two hour deep-dive analysis of their client’s company.

The Growth Strategy Report is one of CoreValue’s five report generators:

  1. Discover Report-- white label report automatically generated during the initial discovery consultation. Used by Management Consultants, CPAs, Financial Advisors, M&A Pros and Fractional CFOs to start the business consulting conversation
  2. Basic Reports --online deep-dive analysis reports printable as pdfs, used to generate graphics for client deliverables
  3. Operational Value Report --deep-dive analysis report used in M&A prep, exit planning, to support Opinions of Value, and in due diligence
  4. Growth Strategy Report --draws from deep-dive analysis and executable growth plan, used in growth consulting engagements, exit planning, helping to create a transferable business1, strategic planning, and to generate powerful engagement proposals
  5. Report Writer --your virtual back office, used to generate custom deep-dive analysis and executable growth plan reports, and standardized reports firms can use to scale, for quality control, and to meet compliance requirements

The new report is used to win and expand business consulting engagements. Engagements proceed in stages:

  • They start with a free discovery consultationScreenshot 2019-06-20 at 13.03.37
  • The consultation should produce client understanding and enthusiasm which helps winning a paid engagement to perform a deep-dive client analysis
  • Converting the deep-dive analysis report into a strategic plan and delivering it to your client
  • Executing by converting the strategic plan into reality on the ground
  • Fees vary depending on company size, engagement goal, and advisor role2

The deep-dive analysis of your client’s company unlocks your client’s understanding of the bottlenecks preventing them from reaching their goals. The client has invested time and treasure helping you analyze their company, and sees where to work driving revenue and value growth.

Let’s unpack the new Growth Strategy Report, which is geared for engagements growing revenues and value.

The report is presented in memorandum format: zero fluff, it jumps out of the gate providing a succinct explanation of terms and concepts. As with all CoreValue reports, it is white label and designed for you to deliver under your logo.

The report starts by explaining concepts and terms clearly for your client:

The key is to help the CEO understand that Enterprise Value is the ultimate measure of business success, and that growth is a top driver of value. The two are closely linked: imagine trying to get top dollar for a company that has stagnant revenues.  CoreValue Driver #1 is Growth, the private business standard being “Your goal is to generate consistent growth greater than your competitors, coupled with a projected future revenue growth above the market rate.” Revenue growth drives company value, and the Growth Strategy Report drives revenue growth engagements.

The Growth Strategy Report is divided into 5 sections:

Companies exist to deliver a return to their shareholders. Company value is the ultimate measure of success: what is the company worth, as an asset? The essential role of the CEO is to maximize shareholder value, and a history of predictable revenue growth is incredibly appealing to an acquirer. The CEO must mitigate risks in the business, and lead the business to consistent, year-over-year growth that outpaces competitors. The trusted advisor’s role is to help the CEO win.

It’s in the Executive Summary that your client gets intel connecting two key concepts:

  1. CoreValue Business Rating, a measure of their company’s operational strength. Strong companies grow revenues and can capture a high percentage of their potential value. Put another way, strong companies are valuable companies who have the processes and procedures in place to scale.
  2. Value Drivers, which are the eighteen areas of the company’s market and operational performance measured according to private business standards. In the Growth Strategy Report the Value Drivers are measured individually, and rolled up on a weighted basis into the Business Rating. Business Advisors help CEOs understand the strength of their Value Drivers, and through consulting help strengthen the Value Drivers that will unlock growth.

The next section highlights Red Flags. Have you read Traction, Scaling Up, Breakthrough Companies, or The Advantage?3 The authors each detail the terrific results teams generate with laser focus on executing the mission (and sharing core values, aka company character). Red Flags are threats to this focus, impacting both revenue and equity value growth.

The Executive Summary and Red Flags set the stage for Key Actions: opportunities for management to increase business performance. The executive team needs to build, improve, and regularly use the processes and procedures they need to control the company. The goal is to generate predictable revenues and growth. Here is an example:

Now that the CEO understands their Business Rating and the impact it’s having on their ability to grow, you’re going to show them, Value Driver by Value Driver, the results of their deep-dive analysis. It’s important that they understand the strength of each Value Driver as a whole, and of each sub-divers (Value Drivers have 3 to 8 sub-drivers).

Here are some examples from the Driver Detail Report:

corevalue report

With this detailed analysis in place, the report’s final section is the Q&A Bank, where the best practices for each Value Driver and sub-driver are listed, along with client answers. The Value Drivers are rated, and their impact on the Value Gap is given --tying together operational strength, bottlenecks to growth, and impact on that ultimate success,the business’ Enterprise Value.


  • >73% of clients engage advisors to drive growth
  • CoreValue’s technology helps business advisors and consultants generate powerful client deliverables aimed squarely at driving growth
  • Companies that strengthen their operations and increase their Business Rating have a demonstrated track record of driving 21.63% average revenue growth
  • The Growth Strategy Report automatically generates the detailed information needed for strategic planning, growth consulting engagements, exit planning, strategic planning, and  generating powerful engagement proposals
  • The information in the Growth Strategy Report provides guidance for valuable planning and long-term engagements
  • CoreValue predicts and tracks the ROI for your services --as you drive revenue growth and improve operational performance CoreValue tracks increased equity value

Do you want a copy of the new report? Click here to get your copy from the knowledgebase.

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Business Advisors look to CoreValue for the technology and training to help client companies grow.



[1] Create a Transferable Business™ is a Pinnacle Equity Solutions course offered to business advisors and consultants including exit planning. http://pinnacleequitysolutions.com/owner-education/live-workshops/2034-2/

[2] For advisors working with middle-market companies, annual GR $2.5MM-$75MM, fees are as follows. The discovery consultation is free; deep-dive analyses are billed at $4,500-$10,000; strategic planning engagements are billed at $6,000-$20,000; exit planning engagements are billed at $10,000-$15,000; working as a peer with the CEO and senior team to execute the strategic plan is billed as a $3,000-$5,000 monthly retainer. Our customers often report they work with clients for one year or more.

[3] See CoreValue Suggested Reading List in the knowledgebase, http://www.corevalueforadvisors.com/knowledge/recommended-reading-list


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