Sample Report: Assessment of Operational Effectiveness

Posted by Admin on Feb 14, 2020 6:18:52 AM

Are you wondering how to prepare killer client deliverables? Are you interested in seeing how a leading management consultant is using CoreValue Software outputs to help a client drive growth?

Mark Haas, who is a leader in our community, has been using the CoreValue Software in client engagements for several years. Mark shares his time generously, helping lead the 'Build a Thriving Practice' training we put on in collaboration with the NACVA. Mark leads an active consulting practice, and also serves as head of the Association for Enterprise Growth

Many of you ask to see examples of engagement letters and client reports. Mark recently agreed to share a sample of his work, which is loaded into our knowledgebase. There are more to follow: this is a vibrant community of Management Consultants, CPAs, Personal and Financial Advisors, M&A Pros and CFOs... If you want a taste, you should consider the Spring Conference we're doing with the Int'l Growth & Exit Planning Association. George Sandmann is serving as their Interim Executive Director, and many CoreValue-powered pros have already signed up.

Here's the link to the sample Assessment of Operational Effectiveness. This is a great example of the reports you can present to clients after you've led them through the CoreValue Deep-Dive Analysis. There's a sample engagement letter for you in the knowledgebase as well.

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