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What a quarter: CoreValue continues to execute on its mission serving advisors and consultants to middle market businesses, and you're helping us turn in the best performance in our history. Thank you! You have more smash hits coming, here’s some news to chew on over Independence Day.

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Smash Hits

For 3Q21 you’ll be seeing several new developments, here's the highlight reel:

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You’ve asked, and here’s your answer. Where Discover has a fantastic track record as a closing tool - converting prospects into clients - you've asked for a way to re-engage with folks in your rolodex. Think previous clients, referrals that never converted, business cards you’ve collected along the way...

Leveraging our work with enterprise, we’re rolling out CoreValue ‘Business Scan’ which is a consulting lead re-engagement module. Business Scan is being included with all subscriptions. It is a 2 minute prequel to Discover - and does not require your leads to enter sensitive data. In Beta Testing the results are exceptional - so stay tuned for the commercial rollout. 

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If you had a free way to promote your expertise and help build your practice - and maybe even earn some royalty revenue - would you be interested? Two of CoreValue’s strategic partners are putting a lot of muscle behind PocketExperts.Solutions. The brain child of CVAs Bob Grossman and Mark Kucik, and backed by Parnell Black of the NACVA, PocketExpert.Solutions is a new platform for educating clients about best practices and is being marketed directly to millions of business owners.

This can be seen as the next step in NACVA's commitment to developing Value Growth Consulting, which began with the CoreValue relationship years ago - and CoreValue CEO George Sandmann is co-authoring NACVA's Value Growth Consulting curriculum. 

Note that longtime CoreValue-powered advisor Garth Tebay of GBQ (CPA, CVA, MAFF, CM&AA) is a thought leader at the NACVA, has contributed 13 Flash Report modules to PocketExperts, is faculty for the Growth Drive course, and is also a co-author of NACVA's Value Growth Consulting curriculum. Can you see the tumblers falling into place?

Here’s the Press Release that went out to the thousands of NACVA members who will be contributing to, and referring clients to, this powerful resource.

Why we're excited: 

  1. For $0 you can present your expertise on their platform. Like all things worthwhile you need to put in some effort, which can position you to win referrals and royalties.
  2. Referrals: Be the Deep-Dive Expert. Many of the NACVA community are not interested in being a management  consultant or business coach - and they are looking to collaborate with pros like you when leading growth engagements. PocketExperts is a connection point for referrals. 

There is a CoreValue Advisor Software table of contents on the platform:

PocketExperts CoreValue Area-1Chart shows CoreValue's 18 Growth and Equity Value Drivers as Subject Areas

Why is this important?

  1. Imagine that you’ve completed a Deep-Dive Analysis and your client needs subject matter expertise on (for example) Flash Reports tracking key KPIs. If this is outside of your expertise, you can drop an expert onto your client’s desk (virtually speaking) using PocketExperts and for only $99 give them a web tutorial with top-notch expertise and a materials. Bake that into your fee or pass the $ through: either way you’re delivering real value instantly.

  2. You can connect your subject matter expertise in the CoreValue area, and when your fellow CoreValue-powered advisors are looking for help there you are.  Remember, it is free for you to submit your expertise. They limit the bench to 4 experts in a given area, so if this is interesting to you, shoot them a note and get started.

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Growth Drive put on their level 1 course, and the feedback is outstanding. Here are a couple of quotes from participants:

I gained a deeper understanding of the business consulting playbook and confidence to use it with my clients” -Kim L, CFO Advisor

What I liked most is how the Growth Drive process dovetails with the CoreValue Software. What was also meaningful was the the applied insight of the faculty and the expertise of the audience.” Tim W, Business Consultant

“What did I like the least? No “least” component, this was excellent.” John V, Management Consultant

The course was then distilled as the Growth Consulting Track for NACVA’s Super Conference, and came out of the gate with 99 participants and terrific reviews.

The course is available on-demand, you can learn more and register here:

On Demand = Immediate Access... be ready for the Growth Drive Specialist Level 2 Workshop Nov 16-17.

That's all for now, Happy Independence Day! --Team CoreValue

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