Take the 'Tax Season' Challenge!

Posted by George Sandmann on Nov 9, 2017 12:16:19 PM

Take the 'Tax Season' Challenge and Diversify your Services

Tax pros: you’re about to see all of your clients, which is the perfect time to get them into your 2018  business consulting pipeline!

build a business consulting practiceMost of the pieces are in place for you to hit the ball out of the park in 2018

Does this sound familiar? You’re a CPA, with a rolodex full of clients, but…

  • Your clients only see you as the tax person
  • You dream of spreading your work out throughout the year –not jammed into “busy season”
  • You want to add services that help your clients to grow and prosper, and get more revenue per client

You’re not alone.  Your colleagues call us every day looking to answer to these same questions. 

The accounting business is changing.  How do you keep up? Management consulting is the industry’s biggest growth area, but has little to do with accounting!  Apples and oranges, finance and operations.

Finances, you get.  Do you wonder how you can help your clients on the operations side of the business?  Do you want to sell your clients –and the world—a business operations analysis, connected to an executable growth plan, which will unleash their full potential?  Do you want to help them GROW?

It’s not voodoo.  As my friend and mentor Jack Pinto would often quip: “It’s an easy dance: find ‘em, show ‘em, close ‘em.”  My friends, you already have a big head start.

You have a big head start because you’ve already done the hard part: you have clients.  And, starting sometime in January, you are going to see all of them.  This is a golden opportunity to grab 10 minutes of each visit to show your client how you can help them grow.  Once you’ve started the conversation, you’re rounding 3rd base –80% of these conversations lead to “more!” 

And it’s literally that easy: tell them you can help identify and clear bottlenecks to unleash growth –that the average client using your system grew revenues +21% per year. Then have a 10 minute conversation using CoreValue ‘Discover’ to analyze their business and identify their bottlenecks.  Now you and they (1) have new understandings about their business1, (2) you’ve started a conversation about business consulting, and (3) you’ve delivered a powerful report about their company (with your name all over it).   That’s 10 minutes well spent, isn’t it?

Every client you do this with goes into your engagement pipeline, that you can work on throughout the year.  Imagine the impact this can have on your practice and your lifestyle!

Our customers start delivering new services fast using their business consulting practice-in-a-box™.  They get tools, training, support, and a full marketing kit. If you want to make 

Rounding 3rd base, headed for Home

your practice thrive and end the busy season insanity, pledge to yourself that 2018 will be the last time.  Diversify your practice, the time is now.  Remember you have a head start, all you need to do is round 3rd and head for Home Plate.  


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1Clients don’t know what they don’t know.  Read Terry Lammers’ terrific book by the same title, available from Amazon –esp chapters 9-12. It’s a great gift to give your clients.


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