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Posted by George Sandmann on Feb 24, 2022 12:12:39 PM

Senior professionals like you are winning new engagements using this system. Do you want to connect with CEOs? You now have access to upgraded tools which will help you while building your advisory business. Heads up, the CoreValue Starter Pro subscription will have a price increase March 1. Here's a rundown of key capabilities you should research: 

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Connecting with leads: CEOs are smart and they know that if they’re not paying for a resource, they are the resource. Use a high altitude, light analysis designed for rekindling conversations with your referrals, the folks you’ve met but not yet worked with, etc. If you know Discover, think of this as Discover Lite. Business Scan was designed to maximize response rates in collaboration with an enterprise customer. Look for a tool designed for warm leads, folks already in your rolodex with whom you want to reconnect. CoreValue’s Business Scan is getting fantastic reviews.

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Win engagements: thousands of engagements have been launched using a single tool. The key is educating your client using their own data.  Generate this data using an initial assessment of company strength and value. It  should only take a few minutes and generate an immediate report, delivering the talking points you need for connecting your expertise with client bottlenecks. Clients are moved to action by understanding the real value of their business, red flag threats to growth and value, benchmarking and more. 

Why is one system a proven closer? Because it’s the business advisor’s Swiss Army Knife… 

Here are 5 use cases to consider:

  1. Generating leads: you should be delivering information in every touch. Embed your business analysis in your client portal, website, and send via email
  2. Closing deals: clients hire people they know, like and trust. By educating clients about threats in their specific business to growing profits and value, your 1-1 discussions with CEOs build knowledge and trust, changing conversations into engagements
  3. Marketing Events: everyone shares more when they are in a group. Consider putting on Workshop Marketing Events with groups of CEOs - leverage your rolodex and relationships with banks, CPA firms, law firms etc. to fill a room with prospective clients. During the event, educate them about their challenges to growing profits and value (there’s a tool and support system for this) 
  4. Paid engagements: what would it look like if you could seamlessly convert your discovery conversations into paid projects? Leverage the CEO’s initial analysis into a paid project by running a Mission Alignment Workshop with your client's entire Senior Team. These workshops can launch long-term engagements. Look for a bundle of tools, training, and back office support.
  5. Analytics: how are your services moving the needle for your client base? Generate data helping you brag about the growth you're driving, design new products and services, run more effective marketing workshops, and more. If you missed last week’s article on this point, email sales@corevalueforadvisors.com and we’ll shoot you the link.
Pro Tip:
Print this article, and use these 5 use cases as your checklist for researching the best resources for building your consulting business.

Straight from the Horse's Mouth: Looking for first-hand knowledge? How do your colleagues win and deliver engagements? Just ask them in the community. Learn best practices - it's easy. Want to know what works for running a successful engagement? Join a Study Group? Earn and award referrals? You can collaborate with your fellow senior pros in Growth Drive, the leading community of experts on growing profits and value. It's your source for knowledge, tools and support. Join for free - the community just opened, be one of the founders and help us develop this tremendous resource. It’s a brave new world, and your input is valued - welcome to the community, and thank you. Open to all, you don't have to be a CoreValuator to join. Come on in, the water is warm.

Now ask yourself: what capabilities, support and connections do you already have, and which do you need to increase your reach and relevance?

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