3 Things: Your New Service; New Enterprise Pricing; Advisor Conference

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1.  Your New Service: Operational Analyst

Strong Companies are Valuable Companies:  make operational strength actionable, and help your clients create robust growth

Ask a room full of CEOs “Who wants to analyze their operations?” and you’ll hear crickets.

Ask the same group “Who wants double-digit growth?” and every hand will shoot up. What you need to show them is that operational analysis is the key to generating robust growth. They don’t know how to generate double-digit growth --if they did, they’d be doing it.

So the real question is “Who wants to know how to generate double-digit growth?” Everyone does, right?

The data shows that the growth of most companies is slowed by invisible bottlenecks. Bottlenecks can be market forces working against the company from outside, or operational forces working against the company from the inside. To shine the light on these bottlenecks (weak areas), you need to deliver an operational analysis.

Why learn how to generate an operational analysis? Are you looking for ways to:

  • diversify your services,
  • sell additional services to your existing clients, and
  • develop services that help win new clients?

Delivering an Operational Analysis is the key.

Consider this: the data also shows that only 2.5% of companies are strong (rated 9 out of 10 or better). This means that essentially all of your current clients would benefit from understanding their operational weaknesses. If you want to diversify your services and win new engagements, it makes sense to become an operational analyst helping clients take action that generates growth, right?

Screenshot 2018-10-10 at 13.43.06US Patent 9,607,274. CoreValue (c) 2018, all rights reserved 

All that stands between your current service suite and new client engagements is training. Learn the best methodology, and how to use it to analyze your clients. The analysis is a sellable service, and also shows holes in their operations you can fill with your expertise. Learn how to convert this analysis into a plan, and you can sit as the CEO’s peer, putting the plan into action.

If you’d like to see what an Operational Strength Report looks like, you can email report@corevalueforadvisors.com, with “Operational Report” as the subject.

Questions about starting or scaling your business consulting services? Glad to help, call (603) 835-3444 option 2.  

2.  CoreValue launches Enterprise Pricing

Registering to use CoreValue is easy --easy-to-understand pricing; buy online or by phone.

As they consider adding CoreValue Advisor Software to power their consulting engagements, Firms often qualify for volume discounts, and want to easily add users as they grow.

The Enterprise model is straightforward. For purchases of 6 or more licenses, the Enterprise License is $9,995, plus each advisor registers for $995. You can add pros as you scale for $995 each, pro-rated for the balance of the enterprise term (with a couple of small caveats, call for information). All firm advisors get the Unlimited package.

Here are a couple of examples, comparing to the CoreValue Unlimited Package:

  • 6 Enterprise Advisors save over 10%
  • 20 Enterprise Advisors save almost 50%
  • No limit on size

"Our customers are using CoreValue to win and service new business consulting engagements. The Enterprise pricing program helps the Managing Partners of leading firms to add services that deliver net-new revenues. CoreValue is helping them succeed," says CoreValue Advisor Software's CEO George Sandmann.

To learn more click here, or email sales@corevalueforadvisors.com 


3.  CoreValue Advisor Conference

Only 3 weeks until the CoreValue Advisor Conference! Come learn from over a dozen experienced pros. They will share how they approach clients about business consulting engagements, and delivering paid services around company strength and value. Network with CPAs, Management Consultants, Financial Advisors and Investment Bankers. The Boston Omni Parker House has kept the discounted room block open, register today.

Register Here

Questions, please call (603) 835-3444 option 2.

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