CEOs just don't hear you. Create clarity and cut through the noise.

Posted by George Sandmann on Jan 21, 2021 2:20:29 PM

Does this sound familiar? “I know I can help my client reach Objective X, but they just don’t hear me.”

Your clients don't always see how you can help them solve their problems. You’re fighting for attention against the whirlwind of day-to-day business1. The whirlwind consumes them. Often, the whirlwind even blinds them about where they are trying to take their business. You know how to help them, but it’s hard to be heard over the wind.


You need to get through to them. Here’s what your colleagues say they’ve tried - does this sound familiar?

“I sent a news article about a client’s competitor and asked if they’d like to meet and discuss getting the same results; couldn’t even get an answer.”

“We were using our referral sources to set prospect meetings - but clients generally only did the meeting as a courtesy, and we couldn’t convert.”

“My partners and I attend networking events, listen to CEOs and share war stories, but even when our expertise is right on point we don’t get a meeting.”

setting strategic goals

What if you could create total clarity about what your client needs to get the success they want? 

This is one of the central topics for the Growth Consulting Summit. Think of the Summit as a coordinated story, beginning with client acquisition, exploring several phases of growth consulting, and ending with M&A. Learn about cutting through the whirlwind. The Summit Speakers are senior pros like you, who will share:

  • Why do clients hire advisors? Explore getting to the deep, ultimate why - earn your client’s trust and become their guide
  • Marketing: how do we expand our voice in the market, creating relevance and building a thriving practice
  • Analyzing: analysis is the key to creating total clarity about bottlenecks to growth
  • Prioritizing: a crucial facet of ‘clarity’ is prioritizing bottlenecks, creating a second level of clarity: clarity of objectives
  • Execution: with clarity of objectives, you can define key results and guide the team, leading them to their strategic goal...
  • Bonus: making your client’s company immortal. Immortal, because it delivers wealth to your client when they leave, and lives on to create jobs and wealth for the new stakeholders. 

CoreValue is a technology and training company; it is also a community. Community is about sharing: successful consultants will share their secrets, and you can also share your expertise. There is lots of open mic time, your voice will make a valuable contribution. We’ll close by discussing the future - of technology, training, education, and more. 

Golden Gate in Clouds

Join the community. The livestream Summit is easy to attend - lunch sessions, plus two 1 hour sessions with 30 minute breaks. You’ll get session recordings and handouts, so you won’t miss a thing. Register here (discount).

New to the scene? If you’d like to schedule time to discuss your practice, and learn if the Summit is relevant to you, please click here

1.The whirlwind concept full cred to: MCCHESNEY, C., COVEY, S., & HULING, J. (2012). The 4 disciplines of execution: achieving your wildly important goals.

Topics: "Build a Thriving Business Consulting Practice", Growth Consulting

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