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Posted by George Sandmann on Jun 26, 2019 4:31:35 PM

Check out the new "How it Works" page on our web site. Plus, final days to lock in pricing.

Do you want to know how CPAs, Management Consultants, Fractional CFOs, M&A Pros and Exit Planning Advisors are using technology to win engagements and help client companies grow?

You'll need to understand several of the new capabilities CoreValue is bringing to the market. Check out the new "How it Works" page on our web site. It's a great primer for you.

CoreValue has 3 technology modules.

Level 1: CoreValue 'Discover' is the initial assessment of company strength and value that starts the business consulting conversation. Use Discover face-to-face with prospects, or link to'Discover' from your web page or marketing emails. As with all marketing and sales activities, the further along the buyer's journey you use Discover, the higher the conversion rate to opportunities.

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Discover asks one question about each of CoreValue's 18 Value Drivers and creates an immediate, powerful report. You'll have great talking points about your client's company. Your colleagues are using Discover to win paid engagements.

  • CPAs use Discover to identify new service opportunities in client companies, and to expand their services
  • Management Consultants use Discover to start the business consulting conversation with referrals and prospects, and link their particular expertise to quantified client problems
  • Financial Advisors, Personal Advisors and Exit Planners use Discover as a high-level analysis of the their business-owning client's company value --and to predict how ready the company is for M&A. These pros often collaborate with CoreValue-powered growth consultants to fix identified problems
  • M&A pros use Discover for pre-due diligence analysis to identify (and fix) potential deal hazards
  • Fractional CFOs use Discover to bring a strategic understanding of client companies to their financial process engagements

Level 2: CoreValue 'Unlock' Deep-Dive Analysis. This two hour client meeting generates a detailed analysis of the client company, digging into the 18 Value Drivers' three to eight sub-drivers. The analysis fuels six Analyst Reports, which can be incorporated into client deliverables. The reports are excellent material for writing powerful engagement proposals, as well as for strategic planning. These Analyst Reports generate the critical insights and graphics you want to make your deliverables pop.

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The Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis is being used by Advisors who want to gain a detailed understanding of the total health of their client's operations --as prep for strategic planing, exit planning, M&A, and to understand the foundations for growth.

Level 3: CoreValue 'Unlock' Executable Growth Plan. This is where you #drivegrowth. The technology module houses the Workbook, heart of the executable growth plan. These are the tasks you'll use for strategic planning, growth engagements, and for running long-term consulting engagements. It also houses the Report Writers: the Virtual Back Office, Operational Value Report, and Growth Strategy Report.

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There are also a Projections module for running "What if. . . ?" scenarios, and a Progress tracker showing the ROI of your services. The Executable Growth Plan is used by Growth Consultants helping middle market companies increasing operational strength, increasing gross revenues and net income, and preparing for M&A while maximizing value.

Let's take a quick look at the Report Writer Virtual Back Office. Do you want to scale your time, and leverage deliverables across clients? The Report Writer is where you'll create templates for your pros. Templates can get standing approval from your compliance team, and deliver quality control. You can be confident that every report has the information you've approved, at the quality for which you're known. From a 1 page update to a complete Operational Strength and Value Report or Strategic Plan, you'll import client analyses with the click of a mouse. Technology means you'll focus on helping clients grow, not on writing reports.


  • Start the business consulting conversation using 'Discover,' your lead machine
  • Use the Discover Report to show your client where your expertise lines up with their goals
  • Building on Discover, the 'Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis' identifies all of the bottlenecks to growth, and is your first paid engagement
  • You'll use the 'Unlock Executable Growth Plan' to identify the specific areas on which to work growing revenues and value
  • This module includes powerful report writers, a projection simulator, and tracks the ROI your client is getting by hiring you

If you'd like to check out the new "How it Works" page please click here.

New Pricing and Packages are being launched July 1 --click here to lock in at current rates.

#DRIVEGROWTH, the CoreValue Advisor Software Annual Conference is the best place to network and learn from your colleagues about using CoreValue in a thriving practice --registration is open,  click here.

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