Marketing Tactics for Business Advisors

Posted by George Sandmann on Feb 11, 2021 12:09:36 PM

Do you want to bone up on marketing so you can increase your firm’s reach and build a thriving practice? Check out this Growth Consulting Summit session, plus preview webinar.

Getting the CEO’s attention is hard. The process for getting a complete stranger to become a paying client is shrouded in voodoo, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be a mystery. There are easy steps you can take for getting the CEO’s attention, then guiding them into becoming a client.

That’s why Christine Hollinden of Hollinden Marketers + Strategists is leading the marketing session in the upcoming livestream Growth Consulting Summit.  

Christine’s going to share several winning techniques, like the Inbound marketing philosophy. Inbound marketing is based on “How Can I help?” and used by marketing giant HubSpot1. Pros who adopt an inbound philosophy position themselves as guides (as opposed to sales people): you are the expert at helping clients gain clarity about what they need to do to get the success they want. You're a reference librarian, serving up insights along a path from Website Visitor to Client. Here’s the Hollinden Buyer’s Journey, looking at the world from 2 perspectives: 

  1. The Buyer’s Perspective: where your prospects are on their path from stranger to client
  2. Your Perspective: your steps for helping web site visitors become clients
The CoreValue 'Discover' initial insight url can convert prospects in every lifecycle stage - we'd be glad to show you how.

Your next client is out there now, and is on a path - let’s call her Jennifer. Jennifer didn’t know that Strategic Growth Consulting or Value Growth exist. She’s building awareness because when she googled “my business isn’t worth enough” she landed on the article you posted on LinkedIn.  She clicked through to your web site - she’s in the Awareness phase of her Buyer’s Journey. With your marketing hat on, you define Jennifer as a Visit. Now what? This is what Hollinden will explain during the Summit.

For openers, Jennifer hasn’t yet given you permission to contact her. She’s only just started on the path of trusting you with her $22MM business’ future. How do you increase the trust and permission to the point where you can meet? Couple of ideas: automate a web form people can fill in to subscribe to your blog or download a white paper - key here is that they need to give their email address to get that content. Just like that, you’ve ratchetted permission and trust up a notch. 

More than ideas, you need a plan. Check out this graphic, which explains the steps for putting your plan into action. Hollinden will explore this Buying Cycle plus a ton more during the March Growth Consulting Summit. 

The Summit explores every phase of your work with clients: 

  • Getting to the Client's 'Why' for Hiring You
  • Marketing for Professional Service Firms
  • Keys to Winning Engagements
  • Strategic Project Analysis aka creating total clarity about what your client needs
  • Prioritizing the Analysis Objectives and Key Results (OKRs2)
  • Executing: Driving Predictable Growth, including a success fee consulting model 
  • The Secrets of Selling a Business at High Value
  • and more

Check it out here, and hurry - the Registration Price is going up Feb 15.

Do you want a preview? Christine’s free marketing workshop for the CoreValue community is on February 24, and it’s open to all. Christine is back by popular demand, building on her previous conference sessions. After attending this workshop you will have a clear understanding of several key techniques for winning new engagements. Please register here.

The slate for the Growth Consulting Summit is terrific - you’ll get an killer ROI from every one of the sessions. The registration is going up Feb 15, so register now and save - it only takes a few secs. After you register you’ll automatically get updates and links to the conference.

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1. See The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge

2. See Measure What Matters by John Doerr. John learned his management skills from Andy Grove, used them to grow Sun Microsystems, and as an early investor used OKRs to transform Google from 30 kids around a ping-pong table into the behemoth it is today.

Topics: "Build a Thriving Business Consulting Practice", Marketing for Advisors

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